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Feb 7, 2010 06:06 AM

Best value near National Theatre or Pimlico ( post Theatre ) and near Whitechapel Gallery Sunday lunch ?

Dear all

In search of guidance re the above. Staying in Pimlico -Saturday night will be at NT , Sunday Spitalfields market then Whitechapel Gallery.

Not looking for anything too flash or romantic as travelling with a mate not partner, just good quality fresh food and a few ('real' ale? ) beers.

Any cuisine acceptable ; have previously been to ( and enjoyed ) Canteen (though patchy ), Vinoteca ( though bad experience with 'city types' on last visit has put me off somewhat and been intrigued by Terroirs ( couldn't get in without reservation ) . What is the latest on these ?

Also, are there any decent late pubs/bars in Pimlico/ Westminster area, or anywhere else easily tube or cabbable nearby ? We aretwo blokes in our ( early ! )40's so nowhere full of kids, please.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. We had a good, decent meal a few months ago at RSJ. We had been to the National for a matinee, and the restaurant is just a five-ten minute walk at most... Coin St. The three course dinner was something like £32 per person. Service was excellent but I found it a bit rushed as most diners were pre-theatre and anxious to leave on time.

    1. For Sunday, you could either snack at Spitalfields or the indoor place on Brick Lane (I can't remember its name - there are posts on this board about it - lots of different nationality food stalls. Or the Whitechapel Gallery has a well-reported cafe, veggie I think, with very beautiful food. There's also Tayyab's near there - lots of posts on this.