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Feb 7, 2010 05:33 AM

Super Bowl Wings in the Triangle area

Its Super Bowl Sunday and millions of wings will be consumed. Living in the Raleigh area where are you getting wings? For us its Em R Wings in Apex. I don't touch those Sharon harris wings but everything else is great.

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  1. Em R Wings is a good call, but you'd better get your order in early....I know they take pre-orders, and by around 2 pm., they hit critical mass.

    Sparks or Tyler's Taproom would probably be good second options in Apex, along with Harrisons, MacGregor Ale House, or Upper Deck in Cary.

    I got a nice little EuroPro deep fryer for Xmas, so I'm cookin' my own wings....

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      I put my order in yesterday. I live in Fuquay so limted options here, Bullfeathers is pretty good but not EM R Wings good.