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Feb 7, 2010 05:20 AM

Induction stove, need griddle

I have and induction stove, and I used to use a square Le Creuset griddle pan that was perfect for doing four pieces of French toast at one time. I dropped it, it BROKE (!!!!) and is now unusable.My situation is complicated by the fact that Le Creuset doesn't make a griddle anymore in that size and shape.
I've been looking ever since for a similar pan ever since. Any recommendations with make and model are greatly appreciated. I know some people use two burner griddles and I'd like to hear about those as well.


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  1. I have gas, so take with a grain of salt. If you are OK with dealing with the seasoning, a plain or pre-seasoned griddle should work. Lodge makes single burner griddles that are square (two-sided with a grill on back) and round (like a skillet with a minimal rim). They also make the two-burner, double-sided models. Similar products are made marketed by others, though all made in PRC (Texsport, Camp Chef, Calphalon, Emeril, et al).

    Not sure how well the two-burner unit would work on an induction range -- a lot depends on the range, though you should get fairly even heat if you let it warm up on low-mid power and give it time for the heat to distribute (spot between burners never quite gets as hot as areas over burners). Keep the heat moderate and on both ends of the grill -- to reduce chance of warping and cracking.

    1. Lodge makes 12" square griddles (both ridged and smooth). Might be what you're looking for. I use something very similar (a Japanese Iwachu square cast iron griddle) on my induction cooktop.

      Pictures of the Lodge square griddles attached:

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        Yeah. Tanuki Soup... that smooth one looks like the one I had before. I'd be interested to hear from anybody that has actually used that pan on an induction stove.

        1. re: Fahzz

          I haven't used that particular pan, but I use cast iron (lodge, creuset and staub) on my induction burners (CookTek, Vollrath and Waring) all the time.

      2. I do not own this, but you can if this fit your needs:

        Beware, different color models are sold at different prices.