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Feb 7, 2010 04:59 AM

Brunch suggestions for Halifax?

I've been to the Coastal, Jane's, Fid and am looking to branch out. Anywhere else with similar quality brunch?

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  1. Try the Brooklyn Warehouse, The Armview (less fancy, still good), and, shockingly, maybe for many, Tom's Little Havana. I love the Eggs Benny on Roesti there.

    1. You might also try Nectar in Dartmouth. I'm a regular for brunch at Jane's and Fid - Nectar's fare wasn't enough to change my regular habits but I've had a good brunch there and I intend to go back on a day when I'm looking for a change of pace.

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        I actually did try Nectar today. The brunch was quite nice, but as with you, not wonderful enough that I'll make the trip that often. I had the asparagus crepes and a side of sausage. The crepes had little discs of asparagus in the filling rather than spears or larger slices and while bacon is always welcome, I'm not sure that having it there did the asparagus flavour any favours. The sausage was fine--plentiful (2 whole large sausages), but nothing out of the ordinary.

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          I've been meaning to go back but still haven't gotten there. I didn't mention it in my original post but the time I was there was in the summer and we sat outside. There is a gorgeous deck out back (which you would never know from the street entrance). I think the warmer weather when it arrives will be what entices me back.

      2. I notice that Estia on Spring Garden has a brunch menu - anyone tried that yet?

        Oh, and Morris East is now offering a Saturday lunch which looks intriguing. Pizza is on the menu but so are eggs - standard two egg breakfast, frittata, omellete - and some other brunch fare.

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          I'm dying to try the Morris East brunch. Next Saturday off it's where I'm going...I promise to report back!

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            Brunch at Estia was fantastic, salmon eggs benny were to die for

          2. Tess' creperie in the North End for awesome, delicate crepes and good coffee. Both sweet and savoury. Order 2 if hungry.

            1. Anyone try MicMac Tavern, on the Waverley Road, Dartmouth. Someone told me it is good for Brunch and all day?

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                The MicMac is a great place for a tavern-style meal - brunch or otherwise. Certainly not the same style of eatery as the places originally mentioned in this post (Jane's, Fid, Coastal) but great for casual, well priced steak and eggs, fish cakes and eggs etc. I think of it as Dartmouth's Midtown.

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                  Try Emma's on Cowbay Rd in Dartmouth, if you want a great brunch/lunch. She is a little out of the way but everything is homecooked, right down to the beans. Worth the drive for sure. All day breakfast is served among other great choices,(she is usually open until 3PM on Sat/Sun). She does a little gluten free and always local food if available. Some of the best breakfast choices I have had. She is just past Quigley's corner on the right hand side.