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I made queso dip with velveeta - I don't like it

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Can I turn it into something else? I've never had velveeta before and it doesn't taste good to me. The dip has sausage, tomatoes, onions, chilies. I wonder if I can turn it into some kind of enchiladas or lasagne so the cheese isn't the main focus. Thanks.

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  1. Hmm....mac and cheese comes to mind, but I don't think that will ameliorate the taste that you don't like.
    Serve over scrambled eggs, maybe?

    1. (hahahah what did you expect!!)

      Since it's already mixed with other ingredients : Throw it.

      (IMO)Velveeta is one of the worse food produce ever created by mankind.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        I think I suspended my disbelief for a while! I never ever eat foods like velveeta but I thought I'd make something trashy and fun for the superbowl. My mistake!

        1. I totally understand your aversion to Velveeta, but I totally get why you tried it too!
          I always want to like stuff like that, but then you realize it's way too salty and kinda wierd.
          Maybe twice baked potatoes?
          If you fold the dip into the scooped out potatoes it should change the texture significantly, and hell, it may be kind of good!
          In a totally pedestrian way of course...;)

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          1. re: rabaja

            Twice baked potatoes is a good idea. I mixed a few spoonfuls with tomato sauce and cooked noodles and baked it. It came out good. I think in small amounts, it's fine. But I have a ton of this stuff. I might still bring it to the superbowl party I'm going to tonight. Other people might like it I guess.

            1. re: Aimee

              People at the Superbowl party will definitely eat it, and you might even have someone ask for the recipe. I once watched an otherwise healthy eater snarf down an entire jar of Fritos cheese dip at a football game. Get enough beers in them...

            1. Not trying to be a jerk, but that concoction, especially with the meat is vile. But you know, most peolpe love it. Take it in a crockpot and leave it next to the bulletin board at work with a fresh bag of chips, a spoon and a little stack of paper plates.

              1. Grate some real cheese and melt it into the dip. Cheddar, Jack, even Swiss - whatever you have that has a lot of flavor. Not blander ones like American or Mozzarella.

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                  Well the crowd loved it even if I didn't!

                  1. re: Aimee

                    I used to want to use Velveeta for stuff, and every time I went to buy it, reading the nutrition chart on the side stopped me. Yikes! The sodium content could send a ship to the moon! I'm glad that your crowd liked the velveeta, but a good lesson for all of us is, read the label!

                2. I just made the Velveeta/Ro*tel queso dip tonight myself - it's the first time I've ever had it. As one component of a nacho (with beans, salsa, guacamole and sour cream), it was pretty good. But on its own...a little scary. And what's with that insta-skin that forms on the top of it? Ew. Still, it was nice to see my old friend Velveeta again, after all these years.

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                  1. re: small h

                    Velveeta, poor poor Velveeta it gets put down way to much, there are some comfort recipes it is great in, broccoli cheese soup, mac and cheese etc. comfort foods are not and never will be gourmet foods. so here is one yes vote for Velveeta.

                    1. re: cookkevin

                      Unfortunately, as discussed in detail in other Velveeta threads, the "formula" has changed. Today's Velveeta is still a good emulsifier but has less cheese taste than Velveeta a generation ago. Today's Old English, Wispride, or Kaukauna cold-packed cheese spread tastes close to what Velveeta once did.

                  2. I've been thinking about this stuff as a base for a mac'n'cheese for a Spicy Foods party several of us are cooking up, but that Velveeta (which has in fact gotten even worse since my childhood) has been the big barrier. Only problem is that it DOES melt smoothly and beautifully, dammit. I'm thinking therefore about a Mexican-style "cheese" we get here in LA County that's like jalapeƱo Jack, only made with process cheese. I guess I just need to look on the label and see where the sodium level is... and then there is some real pepper Jack that melts pretty well, too. Getting back to our thread here, would that not make a much better chile con queso?