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Feb 7, 2010 04:10 AM

Spartan Pizza?

Anybody been to Spartan Pizza on far south Congress near Slaughter? The reviews on Yelp are great but Yelp isn't exactly known for knowing chow worthy food.

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  1. I've only been once, but will definitely be back. I have reluctantly accepted the fact that pizza in Austin is usually lackluster, but there's something about Spartan that I definitely dig. It's a cash-only trailer next to the Red Shed on S. Austin, but they do have some picnic tables and I believe you can grab a table at the Red Shed and have the pies delivered directly to your table (or bar stool). We ordered two 10" pies, the Hades & the Zeus, both of which were delicious (especially the Hades) and enough to feed two hungry peeps with one slice leftover. Very friendly people behind the counter, am looking forward to trying their other pizzas. Not sure how much business they're getting but I hope they manage to stick around.

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      can you describe the hades & zeus what kind of toppings and what was the price range
      thick crust or thin?

    2. Finally got around to Spartan. Best pizza in town. Got a 14" Zeus - fresh mozarella, bacon, garlic, spinach, etc. $14 bucks even. Cook didn't toss the dough until I ordered. The oven must be extremely hot since it was just 10 minutes later when it was boxed and ready to go. The crust was absolutely perfect. Crispy on the outside, thin but toothy on the topping side. Nice charring all along the bottom and on top. Very high quality ingredients. Extremely tasty. FWIW, the only pizza joint I haven't tried so far is House. Spartan blows the rest away.

      they don't open until 6pm. cash only. If you're drinking in the Red Shed, they'll deliver the pizza to your table. you can also phone in your pizza from the bar and they'll bring it over.