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Feb 7, 2010 03:36 AM

Anyone been to Sweet Mustard sandwich place in Stratford CT?

Drove by Sikorsky last night and looked at the signs by the Oronoque shopping plaza and I saw Sweet Mustard sandwich shop listed. Has anyone been there,and what do you think?

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  1. I'll have to try it the next time I'm up in the area and I'll let you know what I think. Have you tried Marge's on East Main Street in Stratford? It's my favorite. It's not that far from Ashcroft and The Frog Pond.

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      Marge's is great- and the people are awesome! Will try Sweet Mustard maybe this week, too...

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        Thanks, I haven't tried that yet but will now. :)

      2. Hopefully new owners, because the woman who ran the prior named deli (drawing a blank, was it Main Street Deli) was always so miserable, like she hated to be there. It was a typical sandwich deli, nothing that special before. I noticed a new thai fusion place also going in next door as well--that ought to be interesting, right next to Main Hing.

        1. Went to Sweet Mustard today- picked up a smoked turkey, swiss, slaw, Russian dressing wrap. It was loaded with meat, skimpy on cheese (1 slice) and slaw.

          They offer Boars Head meats & cheeses, a nice selection of special sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, and 3-4 soups. Very cute with plenty of eat- in space available, and a decent selection of baked goods(some marked "homemade") and fruit at the counter.

          My sandwich was $6.67 incl tax- so about in line with the area. Service was ok- not miserable or particularly friendly. Its out of my way most of the time, and I would have to pass Marge's to get there, so.... I think I'll stick with Marge's for sandwiches and Bobette's for soup unless I happen to be driving by.

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            Thank you so much for your opinion! :) I'll be visiting Marge's then, that was very helpful.

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              Really? I'm surprised...must have been a fluke. I've actually been there several times since the new owners and have only received really great customer service, on top of awesome sandwiches! I work in the area and so used to go when it was owned by the older woman....I had to stop after a few times b/c it was so dirty and she was just not friendly. I've been back since the new owners took over and have only been pleased! Sucha great ambience now!

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                I think they do a good job, the snadwiches are not as loaded as before and the place does not seem to be as busy as with the previous owners. They do have a more creative menu but doesn't seem as fresh as before. The owner is not as outgoind as the previous owner.

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                  So I have been going to a deli down the road as well as when Sweet Mustard was the former Main Street Deli. I can say that I only frequent Sweet Mustard now. I can't believe you said that the people aren't as nice b/c everyone is so cool and always make it their business to remember my name and my order. The food is excellent!! The new owner makes the best soups on towns and he makes them fresh every morning...honestly I would never have tried some of them before but knowing his style now, I am all over them. They have a new selection of different sandwiches and I have to say there's a close tie between the Jersey Shore and the Gobble Gobble. For me, as a person who eats out a lot b/c I don't cook, I like this place b/c it's the cleanest place I have ever been to...hands down, you could eat off the floor. If you don't believe me, check them out once and you'll know what I'm talking about...excellent food, peeps and clean as hell. Happy eating.

            2. Great food, great service, clean, lots of seating and parking. Righteous sandwiches - my mouth is watering again - and staff. Decent baked goods. Very efficient. No minimums for credit cards. A winner in every way!

              1. Sweet Mustard's is OK. Boar's Head meats. Clean. That is about it. Not worth a trip from somewhere.