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Feb 7, 2010 12:12 AM

Annoyed with Hollow Macarons

I've been making macarons, and they've been turning out pretty well, thought the most recent batches have been hollow - they have a nice crisp outer shell and a nice foot, but between the shell and foot is just empty space. They taste great and seem perfect in every other way.

Any idea why this is happening? This happened across the board, for both the larger and smaller shells that I piped out.

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  1. if your baking sheets aren't heavy duty, you might consider double-stacking them.

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    1. That used to happen to me when I piped in swirls. Now, when I make them, I don't swirl but rather put the tip of the pipe on the parchment, sweeze and lift straight up to make a sort of tower. That keeps me from missing the middle which sometimes happened when I went in a circle. Does that make sense? Anyway, since then I haven't had that problem.

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        Really? I'll have to try that. I don't remember if I swirled them or not - I do remember that the batter was running out of the tip pretty quickly, so I was in a hurry to pipe them.

        What is the ideal consistency of macaron batter? How thin should it be?

        1. Just made a second batch - they were still hollow, but less so. What gives??

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          1. re: morphone

            I wonder if I'm either whipping the egg whites too much/not enough before mixing in the almond flour and powdered sugar. Also wondering if maybe the powdered sugar has cornstarch in it? Don't have the box so I can't tell for sure.

          2. Apologies for resurrecting a long dormant thread .. but morphone, did you find a solution for this? I"ve been trying to make macarons lately and have exactly the same problem. They have nice feet and taste great and are perfect in every other way except for the hollow space. I've tried aging the egg whites, leaving the piped cookies out to dry, lowered the oven temperature to cook for a longer time (but that just made the shell too crisp).
            I suspect it is the macaronage but this happens whether I undermix or overmix the batter :(

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            1. re: jonfan

              are you using a French or Italian meringue method?
              my inclination is to say you're undermixing and underbaking. it's fine for them to get crisp. sandwich them with a syrup and a filling. they'll absorb moisture over a couple of days and perfect and ready to eat within 24-48 hours.