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Feb 6, 2010 09:28 PM

Need a restaurant suggestion between Temecula and Ontario airport.

I live in San Diego, and a friend is visiting me who lives in Sacramento. He will be driving from Temecula to the airport in Ontario, and we thought we could meet up somewhere for dinner. I'm thinking maybe something off the 15 freeway? Thank you for any suggestions

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  1. You mention the 15 & visitors, I immediately think of Tom's Farms, of course :-)
    He's sure to find something unique for the garden, or kitchen back home + a delight to snack on during the flight back.

    There is Pechanga Casino on the 15 with stellar reviews for fine dining.

    If you're game for coming with to ONT you could totally grab some popular chicken in Pomona, or Riverside.

    and go watch the awesome red-earred slider turtles at Red Hill Park ~ Just a quick drive to ONT from there '-


    If not - and if this is a Valentine visit, what about:

    1. having lived in the area for about a year now, i believe that the two best restaurants that are just off the 15 are d'canters in wildomar and ravioli's in lake elsinore. the chef at d'canters is from new orleans and is very creative; the chef at ravioli's is from southern italy and also very, very good. i would not consider either of these places "high end", but they are very nice. if you are looking for more casual, or something specific, please clarify and we'll try to contribute.

      i tried to link them, but apparently they are not in the chow database. pretty sure you can find them with bing or google. if not, please re-post and i will locate a link for you.

      1. Thank you both for excellent suggestions. I'm looking for something casual. Making a mental note of all these for future trips. Turtles? Who knew?!!!
        I'm trying to avoid driving so far if I can help it. I'm not even sure how far north the drive from Temecula hits the 15. I know about as far as Scripps Ranch, and then it's all unknown.

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          temecula is about a 30-40 drive north of scripps ranch right on the 15. there are several threads on the california board about temecula. i also want to mention that there is an out-of-the way restaurant in the town of rainbow - approximately 10-15 minutes before you get to temecula on the 15. we've had pierogi appetizers at the bar once, and they were quite good. we plan to stop again, just hasn't been in the cards. quite casual, very clean, service good:
          Rainbow Oaks Restaurant
          4815 5th St., Rainbow, CA 92028

          Rainbow Oaks Restaurant
          4815 5th St, Rainbow, CA 92028