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Feb 6, 2010 09:28 PM

Eating suggestions for NE College visits

Hi- We are from Metrowest (MA), so not totally unfamiliar with NE, but less so with western MA, NH, and VT. We are visiting several colleges during my daughter's upcoming February break, and would appreciate restaurant recommendations. Our itinerary is as follows: UConn Tuesday afternoon, driving to Amherst, where we are staying overnight on campus. So probably dinner in Amherst area that night. Wednesday, UMass visit, then driving to Burlington VT, where we are spending the night and touring UVM the following day. Then driving to Portsmouth, where we are staying over Thursday night, and visiting UNH on Friday, then heading home (thank goodness). So recommendations for any and all meals would be most welcome. I would like to try The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, but other than that, we are pretty wide open. Husband is on a heart healthy diet, but likes everything, and most places can accommodate that anyway. The teenager is a little fussier; favorites include Italian, pizza, Mexican, "American," e.g. chicken, steak, salads. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Any visit to UVM is incomplete without a stroll down Church St. Lots of dining options. American Flatbread is very popular for their version of pizza. Trattoria Delia is a very good Italian restaurant on St. Paul St. A little pricey, reservations recommended, but definitely one of the best in town. Single Pebble for Chinese. Leunig's gets mixed reviews for food, but is a great spot to people watch. Great school, great town. Enjoy your trip.

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      Jenni said what I was going to say, but I wanted to add the weight of an agreement to her suggestions. :) Also, don't bother with the other places. Go to UVM! It's the BEST! ;) There's also Junior's downtown for american-italian, but it's not as good as the Junior's in Essex from what I've heard (I haven't been). If I were going to be downtown, I'd still give it a try. It's less expensive than Trattoria Delia (which is pretty pricey), but the quality isn't anywhere near theirs, either. :)

    2. so, Annie P where did you end up? I am doing a UVM trip in a couple weeks and was going to post with a simialr question. Anything in Burlington really stand out?