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Feb 6, 2010 08:54 PM

Antica Pizzeria in the Marina is LA's best and most authentic Neapolitan pizza experience

My favorite pizza experience was extra special tonite because the Maestro, as he has been called by many pizza makers, Peppe Miele , was making the pies himself tonite and my friend and I absolutely devoured our half Margherita/half sausage pie along with our salads(one Gorgonzola for me and a tricolore for my partner). These days Jose Barrios, who Miele trained many years ago, is making most of the pies and he has become expert in this culinary art, so tonite was very special. Antica's friendly,casual Neapolitan ambience is absolutely the perfect antidote to the often loud and obnoxious experience all too common in the City of Angels.

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  1. i concur.
    their pizza is consistently excellent.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      The only bad thing about Pepe making the pies is that he probably didn't have time to come to your table and chat - the man is a delight.

    2. Haven't tried Antica.... how does it compare to Bollini's in Monterey Park?

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      1. re: darrelll

        antica is great, but bollini's is the true neapolitan gem. unbelievable thinness, crispness, incredible topics. antica is also a bit overpriced and undersized. but i still like antica alot.

      2. Couldn't agree more re the pizza at Antica. I just had a pie with smoked mozzarella and eggplant that was divine. The arancini are also tasty (though enormous). I have to say, however, that the service at Antica can be a little spotty. The old man, in particular, gets on my nerves. Still haven't tried Bollini's.

        1. Agree 100%. This place is a gem. Was waiting to post on this the next time one of these "best pizza in L.A." discussions got started. This is basically small, artisanal-type thin-crust pizza, without the assembly-line taste/feel of most places. The margherita had slices of whole fresh mozzarella and a light sauce, and for a dollar more we added sauteed (fresh) mushrooms. This is basically pizza for grown-ups.

          Also ordered salads and fresh pasta (mini-penne, forgot the term; one ala vodka and the other a ground lamb ragu). Also excellent. No frills.

          We went early (5:30 or 6), and I guess there was a rush of people at this time so it took 45 min. for our pasta to arrive, but it was still worth it. Great to have in the neighborhood, and pretty reasonably priced.

          1. Agree, and I really like the pizza with the crust that's filled with ricotta.

            Pizza Hut's got nothing on Antica when it comes to stuffed crusts! :-)