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Feb 6, 2010 07:05 PM

Brighton Beach

Anyone at Gambrinus or cafe clechik lately? Are they both still good?

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  1. Glechik is it's same old self. I was there two weeks ago for the pelmeni and the garlic chicken. I like Kebeer up the block on the corner of Brighton. Good beer and Uzbek.

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      Glechik last night, after a Krasniy Oktyabr candy-buying spree at M&I Foods. Yes, still its same old self. Started with "Christian"-style sausage (menu mis-translation: Russian words for "peasant" and "Christian" sound similar -- former is krest'yan, latter khristianin) with blow-out-your-sinuses mustard; stolichniy salat (potato, chicken & veg) cloaked in horseradish mayo; pashtyet (chopped liver); siberian pelmeni and mushroom/onion vareniki. For mains, lulya kebab (alas with soggy fries), stuffed cabbage and beef stroganoff (last dish was weakest of the lot -- generic brown sauce and chewy meat). We were way too full for the sour cherry vareniki we were planning on having for dessert. Waitress was a doll -- we gabbed with her in Russian.