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Feb 6, 2010 06:40 PM

Fun restaurant to take in-laws?

My in-laws are coming and want to go to a restaurant with nice atmosphere and not too crazy food wise (no spicy food for my MIL), perhaps Italian? We were thinking Al Tiramisu, but it doesn't have the neatest interior. Any suggestions? DC metro area is fine, Bethesda even.

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  1. The Assaggi Mozarella Bar in Bethesda on Bethesda Ave is pretty good. We love that place. It's Italian but make a reservation.

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      I love Ollazo in Bethesda. It is small and cozy, casual, very good basic Italian food. I think they have awesome meatballs, very good linguine with white clam sauce and chicken parmesan.

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          Addie's is a good one- Black Market, too (Same owners.)

          1. re: chicken kabob

            Just thought of a great suggestion for Italian!!! Dino in Cleveland Park.

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                I so need to get there. Had a sitter lined up and everything when the first big snow came by. Grrrrr.

      1. How about Siroc in DC? The food is delicious Italian, nothing too far out there, and a nice, cozy atmosphere. Also A+ service.

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          Thank you everyone for these suggestions. Very good! Sadly with our next blanket of snow coming my in-laws may not make it up this weekend.... I'm going to research these places anyway though so I'll be prepared in case they come up in two weeks.

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            I think you have a good opp with this. I actually have done "research" tours ahead of time for events like this. One idea you may want to entertain for one afternoon or so, is to put together "small plates" at a number of places from noon to mid-afternoon. Take an energetic break and then hit dinner. Something like that.