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Dairy free filling for macarons.

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I need an idea for a dairy free macaron filling. Should I try ganache with soy milk?

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  1. I like ganache with coconut milk

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    1. I had a lemon macaron recently with curd in the centre...perhaps curds, jams or nut butters?

      1. definitely some kind of fruit/jam filling. the coconut milk suggestion sounds yummy too though.

          1. You guys are so great! Thanks for the ideas! ...of course now I'm plotting making enough macarons to have a dozen of each kind...

            1. You could do a cream cheese buttercream with a dollop of jelly:
              170 g Earth Balance
              120 g Tofutti Better than cream cheese, softened
              3 egg whites
              1/2 cup sugar
              2 Tb water
              1 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla paste or 1/2 vanilla bean split open and seeded.

              Whip egg whites to soft peaks with a hand mixer. While they're mixing, combine water with sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil and allow the syrup to reach 250F. Slowly add the sugar syrup to the egg whites. Whip til meringue is completely cool. Slowly add the butter, one tablespoon at a time. The mass might curdle but no panic, continue to whip until it all comes together. Add the cream cheese, a little at a time until everything is smooth. Whisk in the vanilla extract, or paste or bean. If you don't use it all, it will keep in the fridge for a few days.

              Pumpkin Filling
              Mix equal parts pumpkin puree with Tofutti Cream Cheese, then mix in pumpkin pie spice to taste.

              You might also consider Confitures like jams, jellies, marmalades, etc.