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Feb 6, 2010 05:47 PM

Favorite Supermarket in SF?

What's you're favorite supermarket in San Francisco proper? I know that there are some excellent supermarkets in the east bay, peninsula, and north, but I'm interested where people shop here when not going to a farmers market, or specialty shops.

My favorite is Cal-Mart. I like the prices, especially the specials. Antonelli's, the butchers, is also awesome. Plus i find that they really have some of the best produce and pretty good prices, e.g. if I buy onions there they last for months. It makes up for when can't get to a farmer's market. Plus, I really like the old school feel of it.

What's your favorite?

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  1. Cal-Mart is great and the old school feel can't be replicated. I use to go when I lived in the Avenues. That said, my favorite is Rainbow Grocery...for another kind of old school feel, i.e., old school SF freak, pre-dot-com, artsy weirdos with links to the hippies and all the goofball that have been attracted to SF.

    I know it sounds strange but the swarmy attitude and the array of weirdos working and shopping brings me to a by-gone era. I love the vibe of artsy angst, contempt and self-involvement and when I go to the check out I can't help but smile.

    1. My favorite is Raley's -- in Petaluma -- where else can you find oxtails, neck bones, smoked everything ALL the time. And staff is really nice and helpful, unlike those so-called "butchers" at Mollie Stone (Sausalito). Only wish Petaluma was closer!

      1. I go to Cal-Mart for regular stuff, produce, etc (when I'm unable to go to Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Mkt) but the best butcher I've found is Bryan's -- at the opposite end of Cal-Mart, at California/Laurel. Their fish, etc. is better than Whole Foods.

        I really don't like the produce at Rainbow and dislike having to wait and fight my way into the parking lot.

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          I really don't like being confined to one. They all serve different purposes. Rainbow Grocery is incredible when I need bulk spices, but useless for meat. New May Wah is incredible for meet. Bi-Rite is great when I feel like spending a little more for a quality product. It just depends.

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            >New May Wah is incredible for meet.<
            I thought it was the Marina Safeway that was incredible for meeting.

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              wow, I was really tired last night when i wrote that. I meant to put Asian products, not meat. But they do have a good meet selection.

        2. As I'm spoiled by Berkeley Bowl, I'm too still unsettled with not finding a good alternative in SF. I live right near Falletti's and Divisidero Health Haven. They both works great as expensive walking-distance choices, but when I decide to give up my parking spot or hop on a bike, I still don't know where to go, after living here for 1-1/2 years.

          Just did the SF Supermarket Street Sweep recently, (awesome! http://supermarketstreetsweep.blogspo...) and ended up at Molly Stone on Portola. I could see myself getting back there.

          For seafood, I just made my way to Sun Fat Seafood Co. in the Mission. I'm definitely going back there too.

          I always feel like I'm paying too much on everything but bulk food at Rainbow...

          Berkeley Bowl
          2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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          1. re: ntvandehey

            I would pay a cover charge to shop at Rainbow.