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Feb 6, 2010 04:41 PM

Brunch in Berkeley/Piedmont area

We're going to meet some friends that we haven't seen in awhile for Sunday brunch in a couple of weeks. They live in Piedmont so we're looking to eat in Piedmont or Berkeley. However I'm not so sure about their choice of restaurants judging from past experience. I'd like a restaurant that has really good brunch food, maybe bloody marys and would be a comfortable place to get together and talk. They suggested the Claremont which I went to years ago. I just don't care much for large buffets. I eat too much and the food isn't usually that great. Would love suggestions.

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  1. Best brunch: Camino (on Grand Avenue).

    It's convenient for your Piedmont friends. There is a bar for an eye-opener, but Camino's approach--at all meals--is to put a few specific cocktails on the menu, rather than leave the bar open for all requests.

    If you can live with that, the food is out of this world, and the place is much quieter at brunch, so that you can talk...

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      Totally concur on the Camino brunch. Convenient and awesome. Only issues to be aware of are 1)long communal tables (though no forced conviviality), and 2)fabulous menu that does NOT include your brunch standards. Here's a sample: I think it's much better than the standard fare, but those who want a house of large sizes buffet will be disappointed.

    2. I haven't been so I don't know about the food, but for convenience, I've heard that Citron on College (Rockridge, pretty close to Piedmont) takes brunch reservations. Nice looking menu, quiet-looking atmosphere.

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        I've eaten dinner there twice and found it less than acceptable. Wilted veggies, tasteless meat. It made the 'never again' list a decade ago - I still don't understand why they're open.

        Cesar Piedmont has brunch - "the best kept secret in the bay area' - and a full bar. Might be worth a try.

      2. Across the street from the Claremont is Rick and Ann's. The food is good to very good but nothing special or mind blowing but it's a comfortable place and it fits in with the 'hood in a casual way. It gets crowded and the lines long however. Of course they probably know of it.

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          Unreasonably long wait, leading to, at best, neglectful service by vapid servers...

          The food at my last visit (some years ago) was good, but not nearly good enough to overcome the rest of the experience...

          Can't recommend it, don't know why anybody puts up with it...

        2. Does Pican still have brunch? Fried chicken, hollandaise and beignets, mmmm, mmmm do cardiologists take Sunday calls?

          1. T-Rex does a pretty good brunch. Sunny Side Cafe (on Solano Ave.) is probably our favorite brunch spot -- Fonda next door is also good. if you don't feel like going all the way up to Albany, you can try the new downtown Berkeley location of Sunny Side on Oxford St. (near campus).

            Camino is another great option, as others have noted.