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Feb 6, 2010 04:35 PM

Grady's BBQ: Dudley, NC

Finally made it over to Grady's today. Good stuff!

I got a barbecue plate with slaw, black eyed peas, and hushpuppies. The hushpuppies were excellent, airy, and mildly sweet. Black eyeds were also really good and savory with lots of pot liquor. The slaw was okay- I liked the pickles in it, but it needed to be a little sweeter. Try the Jason Grill for a similar pickle-infused slaw that is much better.

The barbecue: very good and traditional- light-to-moderate smoke flavor, lightly sauced, coarse chop. It's not quite on par with my regular haunts(Skylight and Blackbeard's)*. There was a moderate amount of skin mixed in, but it was chewy rather than crispy. Still good, I just prefer skin with some crunch to it. The barbecue was perfectly sauced out of the kitchen and I didn't add anything to it. Extra sauce is fifty cents.

I also took a few bites of a bbq sandwich, and I think this is one of those barbecues that improves immensely if you get it in a sandwich due to the coarse chop. The sandwich had a much more interesting mix of flavors. But the sides are really good, so there's an argument for the dinner plate, too.

*This is not to knock Grady's, which is very good. This is a bit of a personal equation- Skylight is closest to me and has better skin, Blackbeard's is a bit closer than Grady's and has good sides like Grady's. Dudley is also home to La Cuata, which has superb Mexican homestyle cooking that I haven't found anywhere else. La Cuata is probably going to be where I always stop in the future if I'm in the Goldsboro area.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this, because was on my list of bbq spots to's off the list now, 'cause I'm not a skin in my 'cue guy. Too bad.

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    1. re: jiminea

      What's your objection to skin? You might like Grady's regardless; there wasn't a lot of it in there.

      1. re: Naco

        I can deal with crispy skin, but my experience (Skylight, Holden's) has been that the skin gets soft and slimy pretty quickly. I'll try to visit Grady's when they're busy and try to get some crispy.

    2. For the skin to be crisp in your bbq you must chop and serve it almost immediately. If it sits for a little while (and this doesn't take too long) the skin will hydrate inside the bbq and become soft and sometimes chewy.

      This is the reason the skin in the Skylight's bbq "almost" always crispy. When they are busy their practically chopping and serving straight off the chopping block.

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      1. re: JayL

        Unfortunately, nowhere around here but the Skylight is set up so that you can see them carving and chopping the meat. Grady's was really busy yesterday, I will say that.

        I don't mind soft or chewy skin, even if it doesn't add a lot to the barbecue. If you hit the Skylight on a bad day though, the skin tends to be tougher, not softer. That, I dislike.

        1. re: Naco

          The last time I ate at Grady's was a couple of years ago and it was just plain good.

      2. Adding a link for Grady's Barbecue.

        Grady's Barbecue
        3096 Arrington Bridge Rd, Dudley, NC

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          How does one edit the location? This one is incorrect. Grady's is at the intersection of Arrington Bridge Rd. and Sleepy Creek Rd.

          1. re: Naco

            Thanks, the function is buggy with some of the maps. I opened the link (click on blue letters), selected "edit", and then took out the zip code and saved. On the restaurants page, the map corrected itself. It will take a few minutes before the map on this thread is re-archived, but it should show the same soon. You can check here,