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Feb 6, 2010 04:01 PM

Seeking Best Baguette au Jambon in LA

Trying to prove to a friend that LA is a great food town. She loves the authentic baguette au jambon is Paris. I guess it's a cold sandwich with fresh ham, cheese and nicely baked bread. I've never had one. It sounds good ...

Thank you!!!

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  1. Joan's on Third. The apricot glazed ham and brie with mustard caper sauce is awesome, and decidedly French. There are several other permutations to choose from.

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      I second Joan's on Third but suggest their more traditional version with jambon on a ficelle with premium brie and a smear of butter.

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        Joan's Ficelle is it. After I have one it is all I want to eat for days.

      2. I've only been there a few times, so I don't know whether they do baguettes au jambon, but you could do worse than to ask Nicole:

        Nicole's Gourmet Foods
        921 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

        By far the most uncompromisingly French place I've come across in the LA area.

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          Tavern has the "American in Paris" sandwich. Thinly sliced Iowa ham on a freshly baked baguette with sweet butter. It is so good. (There may also be thinly sliced french radishes in the sandwich...not sure).

            1. re: Famous Blue Raincoat

              Yes. It is Tavern in Brentwood. The sandwich is :The American in Paris." It is available every day until 2:30PM.

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            Nicole's does have an authentic baguette au jambon. I've had it and it's really good (as all her sandwiches are) click on menu then lunch menu it's the first sandwich listed.

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              I must try it next time.

              It would be good to hear from "bad nono" -- I believe she is from Breton and would perhaps have some insight.

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                Try it with the salt and black pepper potato chips. They really compliment each other.

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                  I'd love to be able to chime in, but I've never found ham I liked in LA (regardless of whether it comes on a nice piece of buttered baguette or not).

                  Basically a sandwich jambon-beurre is only sliced ham on buttered baguette and you either have it in a café or at a boulangerie.
                  It typically doesn't come with any sides. I see that Nicole's put mustard and lettuce with hers, and decidedly too much stuff on most of her sandwiches. Probably very good but not "the" jambon-beurre you'd find at a Parisian café.
                  The version with gruyère and ham is called "un parisien", whereas I've never seen a brie and ham sandwich anywhere, and certainly not with capers. But then I only frequent dives in Paris and back home in Normandy, so what do I know?

                  I hear LA Mill was doing a jambon-beurre at some point but if it's as repulsive as their croissant I wouldn't try.

                  Now... if someone can tell me where to find organic sliced ham made with heritage pork and without added water and other crap in LA, I'd be eternally grateful. Then I'd maniacally assemble my own sandwich with a ficelle from La Maison du Pain and some butter from Normandy they sell at Surfas.
                  We could even start a truck!

                  1. re: bad nono

                    Thanks for chiming in -- I was sure you would have a formidable opinion. :)

                    1. re: bad nono

                      Have you ever tried the Spanish ham (among other types they offer Jamón Ibérico by Fermin) on grilled bread that they serve at Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica? Might be worth the trip.

                      Bar Pintxo
                      109 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

              2. I enjoyed one at LA Mill in Silverlake. Just crunchy Baguette, good French ham, and butter. Comes with their handmade chips.

                1. Bread Bar had a pretty good one. Baguette spread with butter, ham, cornichons & radish. Yummy!

                  From their menu:
                  ham, jambon de paris, cornichons, butter, radish, salad 13


                  Now I'm caving one :o)

                  1. La Espanola in Harbor City is obviously Spanish, but their sandwiches are fantastic, particularly their jamon. They offer domestic Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico from Spain (of course, there's a premium for this option). The encurtidos that always come as a side are made in-house. The place is in an industrial area but the eats are excellent.