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hound-worthy breakfast weekday near (or in?) Grand Central Station

I travel often to NYC for work (and used to live there) and loathe the Greek diners and wonder why they still get patronized, with their soggy bacon, overcooked eggs, etc.

I am staying midtown Park & 38th St. and want a very delicious breakfast. Healthy is a plus. Or I could eat near my work site at 75 Varick Street.
Suggestions from my urban chowhound compatriates? TIA

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      I work a block from Pershing Square and have always found it overpriced and medicore. That being said it is one of the only places for breakfast in the immediate area and I don't have an alternative rec for the OP other than heading out of the area for breakfast or picking something up in Grand Central.

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          ITA about Pershing Square, quite a rip-off for what I find not very good food. Cucina & Co. is good -- just above Grand Central in the MetLife building (200 Park Ave.)...excellent baked goods, eggs, and coffee.

          1. re: City Kid

            I second Cucina & Co. in the MetLife building, I believe you can sit down in their too?

            Pershing Square is over priced as far as I'm concerned, but the food is decent. If you want somewhere to sit that gets you away from the frantic energy of the midtown morning commuters, it'll do.

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          I wanted to go to Penelope's for breakfast but it opens at 8 am which was too late for me to go from there to the subway to get where I needed to go for work early, so I went to Pershing Square since it's right across from Grand Central Station and the 4/5/6 subway route.

          Yes, expensive. ($17!) But very good breakfast. I'm glad I was there at 8 am; at 8:30 am the line was out the door! I wouldn't go there were I not trapped in the east midtown area due to hotel location and having to get downtown early. But not a disappointment considering my constraints.

          Nothing sensational, just a solid egg breakfast with very good coffee and fresh squeezed OJ. I don't think I'd go there were I not traveling for work (with reimbursed expenses!). Not disappointed.

          Pershing Square
          90 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

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            Glad to hear it was good...love the pancakes & fresh squeezed OJ @ Pershing Sq.


        3. besides pointing out you are clearly hitting the wrong diners there's a pain quotidian on 49th and 6th by bryant park

          1. Joe The Art of Coffee has a branch in Grand Central Terminal. Aside from good coffee, they also have a decent assortment of pastries. Another good coffee and pastry place is Culture on 38th between 5th and 6th.

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              Should also mention that Culture has more breakfast options than just pastries.


            2. Penelope isn't that far away. I had a great bacon-egg sandwich there not too long ago.

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                Agree - everything there is delicious!

              2. In the Grand Central Market, 1/8 of a lb of iberico/hunk of cheese from murray's. some bread or a pastry from zaro's and a chunk of dark chocolate almond bark from li lac.

                1. Financier, with a stop for coffee at Joe.

                  1. The next time you are in town walk down Lex to 39th ST and try Scotty's Diner. You will be pleasantly surprised. Great breakfast and inexpensive.

                    IMHO Pershing Sq has always seemed like a tourist place. They pack them in from the surrounding Hotels and Grand Central and charge too much.

                    1. i go to school up in westchester so i always have to go through grand central to get anywhere in the city but my overwhelmingly favorite breakfast spot near grand central for me and my fellow classmates is essa bagel. its on 3rd ave i think between 50th and 51st. they have various fat free cream cheeses. u can also get some lox for some healthy fish fat and turkey\egg whites for some protein. only thing i have to say though is i'm not a fan of their coffee, especially their iced coffee. if u want coffee get it anywhere else near or in grand central station.

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                        Ess-a-bagel rocks my world. It seemed a bit far to suggest but it is worth the trip. I am on Lex & 37 and regularly take the walk up to Essa.