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Feb 6, 2010 01:10 PM

Suffolk County: Along 110 Corridor

Had lunch at El Paso on Conklin just before the village of Farmindale. Very nice tacos. 3 for $7, I had carne asada, chorizo and chicharron. Simly dressed with onions, cilantro, and the sure sign of a taco made with care -- sliced radish. Very nice red and green hot sauces in a squeeze bottle. The steam trays looked good too.

Driving down a bit, I noticed a Golden Crust bakery just south of the Southern State, and just before entering Amityville, a place that looked new called "Little Jamaica. Will have to check it out.

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  1. Little Jamaica is the one on the southbound side, about 1/4 mile north of 27, with the green sign? They've been there a year or so, maybe more. Or, at least, they aren't new. I keep passing it by and meaning to go, but forget right afterwards.

    A short distance south of it it (just before 27, across a side street from the Valero gas station) is Seconds BBQ.

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      I definitely have to take a shlep over to try Seconds someday soon.

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        There's another place I keep passing by, a little north of and on the same side as Golden Krust (a chain, and thus not interesting to me) named Fay's Fine Foods--another Caribbean joint:

    2. A couple of the places I've tried for lunch recently that might be worth a try:

      Victor's Pizza & Pasta House
      712 Walt Whitman Rd
      Melville, NY 11747
      (631) 351-1270

      Roast Sandwich House
      827 Walt Whitman Rd
      Melville, NY 11747
      (631) 629-4869

      Golden Crust is a good option, as you mentioned.