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Feb 6, 2010 12:58 PM

Dinner and breakfast recommendations

My wife and I are attending the Wilco concert (Olympia de Montreal) on Saturday Febuary 28th. We will be staying at the Inn at Old Montreal. We are looking for a dinner recommendation which is not Au Pied de Conchon (been there, done that). We were considering Lemeac for the after 10 p.m. menu. But we are open to other suggestions, also a good breakfast the next morning.

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  1. Lemeac is a safe bet especially for the after 10pm price. I believe Ferreira has an after 10pm menu as well but they just changed their website so I can't double check (new one doesnt have menus listed). You might also consider DNA for something hip , it is close to your hotel but a bit more expensive.

    1. After checking the calendar for the show, it's Saturday Febuary 27th... (NOT the 28th), show starts at 20h (let's be generous, 20h:30) for a 2 hours show, so ... your choices are quite limited IMO.

      Lemeac is the usual suspect at that time of the night; or you could do something completely different and go to "La Banquise" for a nice poutine and walk nearby to "Le Lab" for post-show drinks.

      That week-end is the Montreal En Lumière "Big Night" for cultural and food activities; You better make your selection quickly just in case... there will be tons of event all night long for you to enjoy (see ) and burn off those calories.

      For the morning after, difficult to say, I don't really know Old-Montréal and what could be open on sunday morning for breakfast (or brunch), my suggestion is to read the breakfast thread (should be in the first few pages of CH).

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      1. re: Maximilien

        long time lurker, this is my second post. While the choices for eating late are not as extensive as they are at more reasonable times, there are still quite a few places where one can dine quite nicely, and on top of it all, most of them are quite reasonable in price.

        For Dinner (in alphabetical order):
        Beijing, a Montreal Chinatown classic
        Bouchonne, with one of the better wine lists in town (*)
        Boustan, everyone on Crescent st. raves about their chicken sandwich
        Halal 786, Pakistani food that pleases a wide variety of palates
        Kitchenette, Texas meets Quebec in the neighborhood of the Olympia (*)
        McKiernan, has been praised here on Chowhound and elsewhere (*)
        Milos, has one of those $20 specials after 10PM, limited choices, and the waiter will likely try to upsell you, but it is Milos and just as good as ever (*)
        Mr. Steer, a Montreal Hamburger tradition (albeit more a before Habs game ritual than post-Wilco)
        The Oyster Shack, not typical of Montreal in any way
        Patati-Patata, although you are unlikely to be able to get a seat
        Pinxto, Most people adore the tapas they serve (*)
        Poulet Bronze, unfortunately about as qood as it gets for a fried chicken joint here in Montreal
        Robin des Bois, will make you feel good no matter what due to their charity driven mandate
        Salle a Manger, is, to quote a friend of mine: Hipster Heaven (*)
        Tapeo, is generally considered to be the best Tapas restaurant in town (*)
        Le Valois, an up and comer to the bistro scene, and quite cheap as well

        There are a bunch more that I haven't tried, and I am hesitant to list them without having eaten there as I find second and third hand commentary to be extremely unreliable.

        As Maximilien, mentions you will be visiting during the Hydro-Quebec Festival Montreal en lumiere, I've noted the restaurants that I think are likely to be having some sort of special event due to the festival with a (*) although I apologize in advance if I missed any or made a mistake as I did not do any actual checking and basically just guessed. And finally (sorry for going on so long), as a consequence of the Nuit Blanche, you might also want to look into the special events (including late night food) that they have organized.

        If you give me a little bit of time, I can come up with a selection of breakfast restaurants as well. There the choices are quite extensive - did you have anything specific in mind?

        1. re: EaterBob

          Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I think that the majority of places you've mentioned are not open that late - I didn't even think McKiernan was open in the evenings. Good list, but I'm not sure it's what the OP was looking for.

          1. re: cherylmtl

            You are right McKiernan is not open evenings. They have very limited hours(close by mid-afternoons).

            1. re: cherylmtl

              cherylmtl, I do not know what your definition of 'late' is, but all the places that I mentioned are open until 11 o'clock at night on Saturdays. It isn't like the Wilco concert is going to go until 4 o'clock in the morning. As starkvt mentioned, they were looking for other ideas beyond Lemeac at 10 o'clock.

              On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights McKiernan's is open until about 11 o'clock or so, and as it Nuit Blanche I would venture a guess that on the 27th they might not kick anyone out until slightly later.

              And then to answer BLM, I was quite explicit in my description of Poulet Bronze, as I initially wrote it is "unfortunately about as good as it gets for a fried chicken joint..." I would not classify McKiernan, or Kitchenette as a "Fried Chicken Joint" both of them are much more upscale than that and offer a much more varied menu.

              1. re: EaterBob

                EaterBob, if you read Maximilien's post above, you'll see that his guess is the concert won't be over until around 10:30, therefore by the time the OP gets to a restaurant, odds are it will be nearing 11:00. So places that close by 11 will obviously not work - my definition of late night in this case would be a place where the kitchen itself is open until at least midnight.
                And I did not realise that McKiernan was open Friday and Saturday nights, which is nice to know ;-)

                1. re: cherylmtl

                  I assume that starkvt would know that it is always strongly suggested to call and make reservations beforehand.

                  - and now upon looking into the details of a Wilco show, I think it is extremely unlikely that starkvt will get out of the Olympia much before 11:30 let alone eat before midnight. Last night (the first stop on the tour) they played for more than 2 hours and 15 mins. The Bahamas are opening for them here, and likely to occupy the stage until at lest 9 o'clock if not later.

                  I take it all back. And have only one word now: Dunn's.

                2. re: EaterBob

                  I can assure you, having been to dozens of shows in this city
                  a) They usually start pretty late - headliners not on til 9 or 9:30 at least (usually the later)

                  & specifically having seen Wilco many times
                  b) They always play nearly 2 hrs at least (once they played 2 1/2 at Metropolis!)

                  They will not make it to restaurants that close at 11. They will only be leaving the concert at 11, if not almost 12. They'll be able to grab shish-taouk & pizza at that hour in that 'hood.

                  Also, Tweedy brings you this PSA:


              2. re: EaterBob

                If you want great fried chicken, it would probably be much better at McKiernan & Kitchenette, instead of going to Poulet Bronze. Caveat is that it's not always available at these 2 establishments(you might have to ask for it, as it's not on their regular menu).

            2. You should try Chez Levesque on Laurier street, it has a 21h 21$ menu. It is a typical french restaurant, always good and the place just looks nice.

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              1. re: babacol

                Sorry. Can't agree. I've never had a memorable meal at Chez Lévêque and my last late-night meal there still turns my stomach:

              2. L'Express's kitchen is open till 2 a.m.

                Setting aside delis, poutineries and greasy spoons, Chinatown's your other really-late-night option. It's also close to Old Montreal.

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                  1. re: carswell

                    While I would insist (and very strongly) that M. Masson is without a doubt the best waiter in town - I could not in good faith suggest that anyone go to L'Express right now. There are some things in the kitchen in the that need to be worked out. I have complete faith that they will, and hopefully sooner rather than later, but at this instant, the food is not at the usual high level of quality that makes dining such there a pleasure and a joy.

                    1. re: EaterBob

                      The food hasn't been at its usual high level for quite a few years, IMHO, but it's solid and certainly better than a lot of other options at midnight.

                  2. Wow, I thought I'd check back in a couple of days and one or two people would have responded. Thanks for the input. We'd already decided to have our culinary adventure before the show (we're not late night people to be honest). There's lots of great suggestions here but little regarding an early Sunday breakfast spot, maybe that will stir up more conversion!

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                    1. re: starkvt

                      Sunday breakfast - if you can get up to The Sparrow, you'll be in for a treat. Small taxi ride or take the 55 bus up St-Laurent from Place d'Armes metro. They only open at 10 am but it's sooooo good:


                      Otherwise, there's Le Cartet on McGill in Old Montreal. I think they open at 9.

                      106, rue McGill, Montreal, QC
                      Phone: 514-871-8887

                      ...or dim sum in Chinatown. There's a thread going on dim sum for specific suggestions.

                      1. re: starkvt

                        I'd add the following into the mix for breakfast as well (again in alphabetical order):
                        Balila, if you've never had a Middle Eastern breakfast this is the place to have your first.
                        Binerie Mont-Royal, The classic Quebecois breakfast
                        Chez Clo, ditto, just in a different place
                        Duc de Lorraine, a slightly more European take on a Quebecois breakfast
                        Marché 27, if you happen to be a hipster, and hungry in the morning.
                        M sur Masson, good, solid brunch, might not be open early enough for you.
                        Renoir, will out do you Saturday evening gastronomics and likely cost twice as much, but could quite possibly be four times as good.