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Feb 6, 2010 12:42 PM

Westchester Breakfast Club

Hey y'all. I'm new to these boards. So new in fact that when I first tried to post this thread, I violated basically every Chow Hound rule on the book. So this is my second try.

Some friends of mine and I have put together the Westchester Breakfast Club. We go around to different breakfast spots in Westchester, engage in inappropriate conversation, and write up reviews on our blog, which, if you're interested, you can probably find in my signature/profile.

Anyway, I'm not on these boards to promote our blog, but rather to ask this erudite community for breakfast spots to recommend. We're looking at all kinds of spots, from diners to five stars. All it has to be is its own place (that means no chain restaurants).

So, got a place to recommend? Join the thread! Let me know!

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  1. I see you've tried City Limits, which I don't like, and The Patio, which I do.

    On The Way Cafe in Rye is pretty good. Most of the other fancy-ish places in Westchester are too overpriced for me. There's a small old time diner in White Plains, but I can't think of the name.

    See you on your blog.

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      Sorry to say that On the Way Cafe in Rye is out of business. Went there for breakfast several weeks ago and was closed and sign in window says For Rent. Too bad!

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          This is surprising and terrible news. We really liked On the Way and there was almost always a line for breakfast on the weekends. I'm very sad and If anyone knows what happened I'm curious.

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          I think anonymous is referring to Star Diner on Post Road in White Plains. It's a tiny, railroad car old time greasy spoon diner. Booths are only big enough for four ppl at a time and there are only about six of them always taken as is the counter but, imo, worth a bit of a wait. The food is not amazing or anything but it has its charms and there's nothing else like it around.

        3. vinnys on main st in port chester near tarry lodge

          1. For a diner breakfast, I'm a fan of the scrambled eggs with cheese at the Star Diner. Their home fries don't work for me, so I ask for French fries, instead. If you folks are into the latte & a bun sorta thing, Coffee Labs is my current favorite, with Bo Cafe a decent second.

            What I need from you folks is a source of some great French toast. Le Jardin du Roi's product is decent, and Patisserie Salzburg does a nice job (but they do brunch only on Sunday, and they don't do French toast very often, even then), but I want something even better; for reference, Le Grainne Cafe (on 9th Ave at 22nd St) is my current favorite. Someplace with cornmeal blueberry pancakes is also needed; my reference point for these is Polly's Pancakes in Sugar Hill, NH. Alice's Tea Cup, 220 E 81st St, makes nice cornmeal pancakes, but they just put the fruit on top.

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              Thanks. We'll keep an eye out for good French toast. Anyone Westchesterites have any thoughts in that regard?

            2. Just had brunch last week at Katie's Cottage in Yonkers. Excellent.

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                Sounds intriguing jhopp. Do tell more please.

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                  It's been there for years from what I've heard. Right across from the track (now Empire City). Has a nice little dining area which is front of an irish pub. I can tell you, I was one of two people in the entire place that didn't have a brogue. The staff were nice and service was on point. The traditional irish breakfast was excellent.

                  I've also heard the Irish Coffee Shop and Eileen's Country Kitchen on McLean serve up excellent Irish breakfasts.

                  While I've not been, I hear the best breakfast, hands down, is Restaurant X in Congers. Peter Kelly's place. From what I've heard you need reservations and a huge appetite as there are 20-30 courses.

              2. I used to have good breakfasts at the Pondfield Cafe at 3 Pondfield West just on the Yonkers side of Bronx River Road after I dropped my son off at the Montessori School. They serve breakfast and lunch 7 days/week. It is a small luncheonette and I always ate at the counter. Pretty much liked everything I tried but it has been a while so I can't recommend anything specific.

                Also, I like the breakfast at the coffee shop in Fleetwood on Grand Street (can't remember the name). Spinach feta omelet was good and my husbands french toast was nice if I remember correctly. They willgive you grits insteadof home fries if you ask.