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Feb 6, 2010 12:41 PM

San Antonio's Best Margarita?

Will be coming to San Antonio for a 4 day visit next week. I've already gotten great ideas about where to get fed from this board. Where is a good place to get watered?

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  1. Its hard to gauge you...are you a Texan? would you be Happier on 6th street or a paino bar hanging with Arturo Fuentes ?...Ice House or Martini Bar? Bottle, can, or glass? Suit and tie or Flip-flops?

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      ex-texan, but i appreciate it all! love hanging outside in flip flops watching the world go by, but occasionally love getting dolled up for a night out. Love the margarita in its purest form - just a good tequila with fresh lime juice and a splash of orange liquer, but i also have fun trying all the newfangled and exciting cocktails that a talented wave of mixologists are shaking recently. particularly looking for margaritas and other cocktails, since i can pour beer and wine at home. thanks!

    2. I'm not a terrific expert on margaritas but Mi Tierra and Acenar have good ones.

      1. The original comment has been removed