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Feb 6, 2010 12:37 PM

Bone Marrow bones?

Where can I get veal or beef bones, cut into short lengths, in Seattle? And about how much should I be paying?

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  1. Any butcher shop/supermarket has beef marrow bones.
    They will cut smaller if too large for you.
    They used to be FREE! years ago because they'd throw away.Now they're
    for sale...usually $1.59-$1.99 lb?or so?
    Good luck with veal marrow bones*

    1. I've gotten beef marrow bones at Viet Wah in the International District and have seen them at the Red Apple in Madison Park.

      1. You could try Joe and Don's Meats in Pike Place Market.

        1. Skagit River Ranch, which sells at the farmers' markets, carries them on some weeks. Just ask if they have them. They're delicious, and they're from grass-fed cows which means they're higher vitamin/omega-3 fatty acids than from a cow fed grain.

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            Bob's Meats in Columbia City has veal bones. Can't think of the price/lb. I remember thinking about the large quantity of bones that was called for in a Saveur recipe for demi glace and calculating that it was alot of $.