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Feb 6, 2010 12:11 PM

O Mayahuel in Coyoacan, DF - any recent experiences?

Just saw an episode of Rick Bayless' show. O Mayahuel in Coyoacan (Mexico City) looks lovely. Any recent experience there by local hounds? Gracias!

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  1. I've only been there for drinks at off-hours, and it certainly is an attractive interior, and the patio is nice as well. It's a huge step up from the absolutely forgettable place that was there before. If I'm not mistaken, it's owned by the same folks who own Los Danzantes on the other side of the plaza, and I always had fairly good experiences there. I have heard, however, that now that there's a buzz about the place, the service can't keep up. If you eat there, do report on the experience.

    1. I was here for some mezcal and aguas frescas this past year. It's a bangin' space, nice mezcal selaection, and the menu is very cool, traditonal food with modern takes. Pretty good selection of pre-hispanic foods too. You won't be disappointed, and Coyoacan is beautiful, stop by Cafe El Jarocho too.

      1. Went there with friends a few months ago, the drinks where ok but the food was not. It looked promising on the menu but all the fish we ordered was overcooked and over seasoned, the oaxacan antojitos reminded me of bad tourist food in Oaxaca city. I would only go for drinks and maybe some simple botana like chapulines.

        1. Has changed its name to Corazon de Maguey, changed managers to someone with a fantastic food background (8 years at Cafe Azul y Oro with Ricardo Munoz) and is doing a whole make over to cover service and quality of the food. Its much better and getting better.
          BUT don't forget its basically a MEZCALERIA where its the mezcal taking center stage, and being a scene place for see and be seen.
          Its fun, the mezcals fab and ask for a flight tasting of mezcals some botanas and then chill out and take it easy. ITS MEXICO, for goodness sake.

          Oh Mayahuel
          Plaza Jardin Centenario #9A, Mexico City, DF 04000, MX