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Feb 6, 2010 11:59 AM

Has anyone been to IM Tapas recently?

I am thinking of taking 6 people to IM Tapas for dinner. Has anyone been recently? ...and if so how was it?

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  1. we had a wine luncheon there just before Christmas and most of us thought it was very good to outstanding. Because Isabel cooked so many different things, there were some items one person liked more than another, but all-in-all, very fun. Of course the fact that 18 of us drank 35+ bottles of wine (none of which were at all crappy) may have had something to do with it.....

    1. 6 of us went to I M Tapas in Naples. When we walked in it was 2/3rds full and it smelled a bit like old seafood(which was a worry). The decor in the restaurant was warm and inviting. Our waitress came over and was very pleasant and knowledgable. We ordered a couple of bottles of wine which were reasonably priced and very good. The food was amazing. We had several of the tapas dishes starting with the warm olive dish and arugula salad. We also had the chorizo in cider, artichoke hearts with serrano and morcilla in a garlic sauce, mussels in spicy sherry and chorizio reduction, duck breast with carmelized fig and port, shrimp in garlic and the spicy octopus. Everything was delicious. If you are going to have the tapas I would recommend going with 4 or more people. That way you can have a wide selection of dishes. If this restaurant was in a major city you would have to call a week in advance to have a hope of getting a reservation. Thumbs up IM Tapas!