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Saving under cooked brownies

Is there any way to save under cooked brownies? As I was just cutting my cooled brownies, I realized that they're way too gooey. If I put them back in the oven, will that finish the job?

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  1. You can certainly re-bake them, but you run the risk of drying them out.

    My suggestion? Freeze them and pair with some ice cream. Yum.

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      And an excellent suggestion it is, ipsedixit.

    2. Can you fit them back into the pan so that they are pretty snug? If so, i would think you could re-bake a bit without too much ill effect.

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      1. re: visciole

        They should fit back in fine. I'd lined the pan with foil so they just lifted right out. I'll see how it works out. Thanks!

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          How did they come out?

      2. I love underbaked brownies but have underbaked them a minute or two too much a few times. I just slipped them back into the oven and they were just fine. If they dry out for some reason just cover with ganache or buttercream.

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          or if they get overbaked from the 2nd turn in the oven poke a few holes in em, douse with your fave liquor like baileys, kahlua etc and layer with whipped cream in a trifle :)

        2. I've just stuck them in the fridge and served cold, calling it "baked fudge" :D

          1. I googled this question because I once underbaked my famous brownies and they burned beyond being edible. I did it last night again. i don't want fudge i want my brownies. If I cook them again and let you know

            1. A quick nuke may be worth a try. Take one and nuke for 30 sec.

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                Ok Treb thanks for responding. here what i've done so far I nukes one in a paper towel for 1;30 seconds. a bit too long as it did taste a little burnt. but i did so because i realized my brownies were a whole 20 minutes under baked. i would not do 1:30 again. Next time i'll listen to you and do 30 secs thanks...
                Jay F thanks for your comment but what does "ipsedixit" mean?
                karyn <-+->

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                  >Jay F thanks for your comment but what does "ipsedixit" mean?<

                  ipsedixit is poster ipsedixit's name. He suggested ice cream. I agreed.

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                    I believe he is a SHE!

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                      Oh, okay. SHE suggested brownies with ice cream.

                      That blue logo thingy looks like a boy.

              2. I just put them back in the oven without turning the heat on. Usually it's got enough heat left in it to cook them a bit more without burning

                I love the crispy bits and slightly gooey in the center. Plus when they cool they'll firm up even more

                1. I love underbaked brownies also. I have an 8x11 ceramic baking dish. i use one brownies mix boxed, lower the egg to one extra large. Cook on 350 degrees for 38-40 minuites. I like walnuts. Everyone wants some more of them. all around town. lol

                  1. Is there a problem with undercooked brownies??? (Not in my world!). I'd get that spoon out and dig in!!! :-)

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                      agree :-)
                      I take a spoonful of the underbaked brownie and shape into a ball; roll in cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or powdered sugar and it's a truffle ball of goodness.