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Feb 6, 2010 10:53 AM

Underwood Brisling Sardines in Mustard Sauce?

I'm down to my last can and i've been looking for over a year for these. Been eating them since I was a kid and can;t face never tasting them again. Tried others and they don't compare, here in the Philly area it seems like all the stores stock the same Bumble Bee brand in Mustard but they aren't the "brisling sardnes lightly smoked" found in the underwood package. Looked on the website and they're not even listed. Can anyone help me out with location or info! Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried asking them in an email? There's been a lot of consolidation/rebranding in the industry, and they might know where the newly renamed product is.

    1. Were you sucessful in finding the Underwood Brisling Sardines in Mustard Sauce? I am down to my last hoarded can and can't find them either. Please let me know if you have a source. Thanks

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      1. re: Wm Kim McPherson

        Sorry to say they no longer make them. I emailed and got the bad news straight from the company. Shame best sardines on the market.

        1. re: FISHINC

          Say it ain't so!

          I grew up in the' burbs of Philly and I figured like a lot of other things they just don't carry them where I live now.....closer to Harrisburg.

          Bumble Bee in Mustard just aren't the same, but they beat the heck out of anything else out there.

          1. re: bmce

            Not necessarily a replacement, but if you like such things, check out the huge range of classy canned fish specialties made by Appel Feinkost in Germany. In the US, German delis distribute them and the Trader Joes' chain carries some of their products, often salmon and both smoked and unsmoked trout. . They make good-quality preserved fish of all kinds packed in a bewildering variety of seasonings from sweet-pepper puree to onions, and should certainly have some interesting mustard versions if anyone does.

      2. I just found something that was just as good as Underwood Sardines. King Oscar Finest Brisling Sardines in extra virgin olive oil. I bought the two layer kind. I opened the can, dumped them in a bowl and added a lot of French's yellow mustard. The sardines crumbled but the taste was wonderful. Next time I think I will drain off the olive oil and mix the mustard in it then pour that over the sardines. Either way that is the closest thing I have found to Underwood Sardines in mustard sauce yet. They were delicious. Hope that is helpful. :-) Elaine

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        1. re: Nightowlssong

          Nice report,

          The mixing of mustard with goodly canned oil
          Is part of the art of partaking of deenes.

          1. re: Nightowlssong

            Been eating those brislings for decades, like them better than the vintage aged French ones. These brislings you can even get at Costco.

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              This is a link that is worth keeping open... reading all accounts all I could do is salivate and agree wholeheartedly! Underwood sardines in mustard sauce will be dearly missed.

              However, I must agree with Elaine (Nightowlsong), I tried her suggestion and it IS WONDERFUL! I felt like the food critic in Ratatouille (Disney animated movie)... it took me right back!

              I had King Oscar Mediterranean Style on hand so tried the French's mustard with those, and that did the trick as well. I will try the ones in olive oil next time. Many thanks Elaine!