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Feb 6, 2010 10:17 AM

Abigail's in Simsbury?

I've been there for lunch and thought it was good. Has anyone been there for dinner?

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  1. We have dinner there several times and have always enjoyed it.
    I am a big fan of their Tuscan salad or the Argula and beet salad, my husband always starts with oysters.
    I normally gravitate to a Filet as I rarely have it and it is good, but I have found they tend to under cook it. I like a med rare filet and it usually arrives on the rarer side, not sure why that is but I don't mind since I prefer to have it undercooked than overcooked. I know that this would be a strike against them for some, but it has never bothered me enough to send it back.

    Their chocolate croissant bread pudding is wonderful and a given for me when we go.

    1. are you still looking for the birthday dinner? ;)
      people do like this place...i've been there once for dinner and was not really moved to go back. maybe we ordered the wrong things but for me it felt like glorified hotel food.
      you could also look into Amelia's just a few blocks up, although service can be ditsy.

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        Yes. We decided on Abigail's for the birthday dinner. Several friends have said the food and service was really good. I'll have to post our experience. I've been to Amelia's before and I didn't care for it. Not very creative and overpriced. Of course, we only went there once so maybe the menu is different now.

        1. re: acervoni

          I agree about Amelias, we had on OK meal with terrible service.Not worth the very high price tag,