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Feb 6, 2010 08:18 AM

restaurants in Heidelberg, Germany?

We will be in Heidelberg, Germany, for one week. Do you have any suggestions on good places to eat?

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  1. I'd suggest you do a search on this board; there's been a couple of Heidelberg threads in the past.

    1. Depending upon what you're looking for I suggest the following:

      Schwarz das Restaurant
      Michelin 1 star and Gault Millau 16. Great execution of dishes but the space is a little too businessman's lunch for me.

      Weisserbock- 14 Gault Millau. Really well made combination of traditional and inventive dishes in a classic hotel/restaurant atmosphere. Great glass wine list featuring wines from both the Baden and Rheingau regions of Germany.

      For beer lovers there are two places: Vetter,by far the best brewpub in Heidelberg with a great menu especially the Pfannengerichte, cast iron pans full of hearty combinations. Many good daily specials. Second, Kulturebraueri Heidelberg. Not as good beer as Vetter but surprisingly good glass wine list for a brewpub. I recommend the Spanferkel.

      If you make it up towards Weinheim at the edge of the Odenswald in Birkenau is Drie Birken another 14 Gault Millau restaurant that I also recommend.

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        Thank you so much for the Weisserbock recommendation. My husband and daughter had dinner there tonight (DD checked CH for recs) and cannot sing the praises of their tasting menu enough. DH said it might be the best meal he's ever eaten (and we've eaten at numerous 3 stars throughout Europe and the U.S.). Your suggestion provided the culinary high spot of their trip. Thanks again!

      2. Would also suggest Vetters for a good German meal. They claim to have the world's strongest beer; not to my likely but it is a novelty drink.

        1. Also recommend Vetters for good all around beer and grub. Another fun place is Schnitzelhaus Alte Muentz (schnitzel is all they serve, a hundred or so different ways). Alt Hendesse is pretty good as well, if you happen to be in the Handshusheim area. If you get sick of German food, Piccolo Mondo has very tasty Italian.

          1. If you're still here, try the Print Media Lounge, right by the train station. Very good, it's my favourite place in HD.

            Vetter's (German, brewery) is also good, somewhat touristy.

            Qube Hotel (Bergheimerstr.) has a good restaurant - very laid back, but a sleek hotel restaurant with huge windows. They have the best "snack", aioli, foie gras & tapenade. Also, I'm yet the have a better schnitzel in the city.

            Pop restaurant (Italian) in the old town is also very good.

            Right next to the big church at the market square is a restaurant that serves local cuisine. I haven't yet been but I have heard good things about it:

            Across the river is one of the oldest fencing houses in Germany. The food is very good & you're in a historic hotel (ask the owner about the history - his wife is English & his English is very good)

            The other suggestions are also very good ones. Enjoy your trip!