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Feb 6, 2010 08:10 AM

Honeymoon in Tuscany for Chowhound-ers

My fiance and I are going to be in Tuscany for 5 nights as part of our honeymoon this summer. We will be staying at the Castelleto di Montebenichi in Bucine but plan on spending our days exploring wineries and restaurants.

That being said, having only spent brief time in Tuscany myself, I look to you for the best restaurants, wineries (or combinations...) to check out in the surrounding areas as we have a rental car and will be travelling around. Price is not a consideration as long as they are memorable meals.

We'd like to focus on Tuscan cuisine and locations with nice wine choices.

Any help would be great!

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    1. The following are my food suggestions for Tuscany from our trip in September, ALL of which were fantastic. We were coming from Florence, so not all of the locations may work for you:

      picnic lunch bought at Macelleria Falorni, a wonderful butcher shop in the center of Greve in Chianti famous for its use of wild boar.

      A must stop for foodies is Antica Macelleria Cecchini - a fabulous (and famous) butcher shop in the tiny hamlet of Panzano in Chianti. Dario the owner has two restaurants and I will definitely eat there next time - I have read wonderful reviews.

      It is a lovely drive to the hamlet of Sant’Angelo in Colle near Montalcino for lunch at Trattoria Il Leccio. Possibly the most charming town of our trip.

      Dinner at Ristorante Boccon di Vino. A charming small restaurant where we had a scrumptious dinner which included an amazing onion soup.

      Dinner at Da Mario, a lovely restaurant in Buonconvento where we were seated in the upstairs dining room and had great vittello alla tonnato and rabbit ragu

      Buca di S.Antonio on Via della Cervia, an 18th century osteria, in Lucca - not Tuscany, but good to have on the list if you are flying in/out of Pisa.

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        Lucca is in Tuscany! And I second the recommendation for Buca di Sant'Antonio there.

        Glad you got to taste the onion soup at Boccon di Vino. Do you think it has sugar in it?

        I'm also glad you got to Buonconvento. I *think* I had lunch at Da Mario, but in truth we just walked into a very friendly looking place (there were several on the main street of Lucca) and enjoyed a nice Sunday lunch, the highlight of which was great piles of garlicky spinach.