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Feb 6, 2010 07:35 AM

Moving to Roswell

Hey all. I am moving to Roswell (from Dallas) next week and wanted to get some input from you guys about what's around. I'll only be in Atlanta for five months and I will definitely hit every corner of the city looking for food but am interested in knowing what can be found in the area in which I'll be living. Are there any ethnic cuisines that are best represented in Roswell? Any standout restaurants? Thanks.

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  1. If you're going to describe any ethnic cuisine in the area it would be Latino/Mexican. Coming from Dallas, you're probably somewhat used to that though...

    I think the best restaurant in Roswell is Bistro VG. Where exactly will you be? Downtown Roswell is nice for walking around, though I think many of the restaurants can be hit or miss.

    1. Bistro VG is definitely on my list as well. Also there is Greenwoods for southern cooking, Swallow at the Hollow for BBQ. In Alpharetta (just north of Roswell) you have Vinny's on Windward (owned by the same people as Bistro VG), Zola (Italian) and a small BBQ place that opened recently, Cue, on Highway 9.

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        Agreed. Swallow at the Hollow and Greenwoods are run by the same folks.

        To list a few others, try out Artisan Bakery or Douceur De France for breakfast/brunch/lunch.

        Another option for dinner is Sugo. I think the original Clocktower Place location is still the best, but there is a location close to Roswell high school as well.

      2. Fickle Pickle is a nice spot for lunch, but it can be very busy. I like Rasa Sayang on Holcomb Bridge RD for Chinese. Thai House is also great for take out. Gorda Luna is a latin grill that just opened and it seems pretty good so far. There's a pretty decent hole in the wall at Da Cajun Kitchen, where you can grab lunch. And I like the bar at Relish for the cucumber lemonade spiked with Jack.

        1. thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've only been here a few days but have already had some amazing meals including: Luqma (Pakistani place on Church St), Kwan Ti An (don't think the name is right but it was a pretty solid Korean place on Buford), Tassa Roti House (great Trinidadian) and several others. I can tell right away that I am going to be very happy here.