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Best Dining Deals on Long Island?

Majors Steakhouse 19.99 prix fix

Friday's 12.99 Prix fix

Ruth Chris 39.99 Prix fix

Mortons $90 dinner for two

Red lobster Dinner for two 29.99

What else? Where are the best Dining Deals on Long Island??? Thanks

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  1. I'd say the $21 three course lunch at Panama Hattie's is always a big treat for the buck.

    1. some good pice fixed dinners somewhat early bird. Seated by 6:30 (check the websites to be sure of any other details)

      Cafe Testerossa (Syosset) 22 per person
      Red Fish Grill (plainview) 22 per person

      I think Panama Hattie's has a price fixed dinner and

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        Wow Panama Hatties $21 3 course.. Nice Pick

        Although I do not see it on their website..... ???

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          Give the page time to load and the price appears:


          Noon to 2 pm.

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            They offer an 'early bird' dinner special too, you have to be seated by 6pm. It's for 3 courses and a very good deal.

      2. We had a delicious dinner At Captain Bill's in Bayshore and were told they offered at $20. prix fixe Sunday- Thursday through March.

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          I haven't been there in decades, I used to go for the all you can eat winter lobster, IIRC. Is it open now, and what did you have that was so good?

          I thought I'd read that they'd begun closing down in winter.

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            I'm not sure whether your post referred to mine, but I had a delicious serving of scallops over lobster risotto ($24) and my so had hanger steak ($20)The bread , too, was fresh crisp and delicious. We intend to return for Sun-Thurs special.

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              Yes, it did. Your screen name is in the upper right corner of my reply. Thanks for the additional info.

        2. Most diners have a $10 special that includes soup/salad, entree and dessert. I know people who eat there every night because it's cheaper than cooking at home, and the food is usually good and plentiful.

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            I like Pollo Rico in Centereach for lunch. They have a $10 special that has salad, chicken, rice, beans, plantanos and dessert. Delicious food, good price. The restaurant is large, clean and nicely decorated.



          2. Try the $12.95 prix fix lunch at Angelina's II at 30 Berry Hill Road in Sysosset (516) 364-8234. They are also continuing the $24.95 Restaurant Week three course menu which is available all night Sunday thru Thursday.

            1. $5.95 Burritos and Margaritas on Mondays at Zim Zari of Massapequa really packs in the delicious fillings - Sun Burned Steak Burrito is brimming with tender beef - and the wait at dinner is long. Call ahead to make reservation, our last visit was a 45 minute wait, but well worth it! The basket of chips and tasty salsa they bring to every table get the taste buds started.

              Heck, it's $5.95 !!!

              Everyday it's another "Special" day at Zim Zari - $2 taco Tuesday, $5.95 oversized Burritos and Margaritas on Mondays, $8.95 Fajitas on Wednesdays, etc...


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                I think I've run out of comments re: the Zim Zari ads.