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Feb 6, 2010 06:40 AM

Best Dining Deals on Long Island?

Majors Steakhouse 19.99 prix fix

Friday's 12.99 Prix fix

Ruth Chris 39.99 Prix fix

Mortons $90 dinner for two

Red lobster Dinner for two 29.99

What else? Where are the best Dining Deals on Long Island??? Thanks

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  1. I'd say the $21 three course lunch at Panama Hattie's is always a big treat for the buck.

    1. some good pice fixed dinners somewhat early bird. Seated by 6:30 (check the websites to be sure of any other details)

      Cafe Testerossa (Syosset) 22 per person
      Red Fish Grill (plainview) 22 per person

      I think Panama Hattie's has a price fixed dinner and

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      1. re: linsue

        Wow Panama Hatties $21 3 course.. Nice Pick

        Although I do not see it on their website..... ???

        1. re: wojiparu

          Give the page time to load and the price appears:

          Noon to 2 pm.

          1. re: mcf

            They offer an 'early bird' dinner special too, you have to be seated by 6pm. It's for 3 courses and a very good deal.

      2. We had a delicious dinner At Captain Bill's in Bayshore and were told they offered at $20. prix fixe Sunday- Thursday through March.

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        1. re: budcar

          I haven't been there in decades, I used to go for the all you can eat winter lobster, IIRC. Is it open now, and what did you have that was so good?

          I thought I'd read that they'd begun closing down in winter.

          1. re: mcf

            I'm not sure whether your post referred to mine, but I had a delicious serving of scallops over lobster risotto ($24) and my so had hanger steak ($20)The bread , too, was fresh crisp and delicious. We intend to return for Sun-Thurs special.

            1. re: budcar

              Yes, it did. Your screen name is in the upper right corner of my reply. Thanks for the additional info.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Most diners have a $10 special that includes soup/salad, entree and dessert. I know people who eat there every night because it's cheaper than cooking at home, and the food is usually good and plentiful.

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            1. re: coll

              I like Pollo Rico in Centereach for lunch. They have a $10 special that has salad, chicken, rice, beans, plantanos and dessert. Delicious food, good price. The restaurant is large, clean and nicely decorated.