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Feb 6, 2010 06:26 AM

Charleston: Magnolias, Blossom or Cypress???

My husband and I are headed to Charleston and have not been to any of the above named restaurants. I came upon Cypress and was initially interested in that one, however, after lookin at the three I am interested in which one poeple like best and why.
Thank you in advance for helping us make our choice!

Oh, and we have also decided to have dinner another night at SNOB.

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  1. I disliked Blossom about as much as any restaurant I've ever been to in downtown Charleston. So much so , in fact, that I have avoided going to the other 2 since they are related. I'm not sure if that helps you in your specific question, but I would totally avoid Blossom.

    1. I'd also vote for none of the above. Is there any reason that it has to be one of those three? They're run by the same managing entity.

      For that type of food, you're a better bet at FIG or Hominy Grill or Carolina's.

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        All good choices. I did have shellfish over grits at Magnolias that very very good.

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          I would go to Magnolia's. It is fantastic. You can get the shrimp and grits at lunch and it is fantastic. I would also go to FIG. That was the best restaurant that we ate at during our last trip to Charleston.

      2. I just had lunch at Magnolias yesterday. I enjoyed the experience. The restaurant was attractive and the atmosphere was relaxing. Our waiter was great. I had been disappointed by a very gluey she-crab soup from another popular restaurant that I had eaten the day before. The waiter brought me a generous sample of Magnolia's version to try before I ordered. Of the three soups I had during our stay, Magnolia's was the best.

        My husband had the "small" plate of shrimp, sausage, and tasso ham gravy, served over grits, $13. The portion was huge. He couldn't even finish. Of course, he had polished off most of the basket of very good bread that came with the meal.

        I didn't think the shrimp were quite perfect (just the tiniest bit watery), and the dish was just a touch salty for me (but I eat very low salt); however, my husband declared it to be just was he was looking for. He loved the sausage, and the generous cubes of tasso ham.

        I would return. The room was pleasant, and the crab BLT is calling my name.

        1. They're really three totally different options, so it depends on what you're looking for. Of the three, Blossoms is the most casual and maybe a better bet for lunch. Magnolia's features a lot of Lowcountry classics, but be warned that most of the dishes are very heavy. I hadn't been in several years and went with my family over the holidays - I was pleasantly surprised. The food was good. Cypress is on the higher-end - more sophisticated, both in terms of menu and atmosphere. But it has the pricing to match.

          I don't think these are bad options, but I prefer SNOB over all three of these. And I agree that FIG (although it's gotten very expensive) is well worth a visit.

          1. Charleston is one of those places where there are so many good places to eat and so little time on the average visit. We were there for about 4 days and stayed at the Governer's house B & B. They offered a nice breakfast and we ate very well for lunch and dinner. Just have to do a LOT of walking