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My short Trip

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My trip was too short!! But the food was great. Here are the best things we ate. Duck Gumbo at Herbsaint...sublime!!! The mussels at Crepe nanou, the best mussels I ever ate!!! The crepe dessert was awesome. Loved Crepe Nanou. Filet Mignon with foie gras butter in a port wine sauce at Bistro Daisy...EXCELLENT!!! The meat was done to perfection, the spinach, potatoes soooo good..it was a perfect meal.The BBQ shrimp at Mr B's Bistro...heaven on earth, with the bread to soak up all that sauce, really good, but MESSY!!!! Those were the highlights, someone recommended Ignatius for "great" food at a reasonal price...the place is a dump!!! The boudin was aweful, my husband said the seafood gumbo was good, I didn't even try it. Stay away!!!

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