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Feb 6, 2010 05:26 AM

Best Oyster Po Boy

With the Saints in the Super Bowl and watching some pre games stuff from the French Quarter, it got me salivating for a good ole N.O. style Po Boys ala. Frankie and Johnny's, Acme, ect.. there anything remotely close in Dallas? I've tried, Dodies, Pappadeaux, S&D, Aw Shucks to no avail. Is there a place I've missed?

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  1. Big Easy in Plano and perhaps Bayou Market in Lewisville

    1. Have had the shrimp po-boy at Bayou Market - would not recommend. Lots of bread and lettuce, shrimp batter heavy and garlicy - would imagine the oysters would be the same. Not very true to roots. But they do sell Gambino's french loaves and other NOLA goods in their small market. Central Market has Texas oysters for .49 or .59/ea, so you could easily make your own......

        1. I gotaa agree with the "Big Easy" in Plano-best Cajun/Creole food in the DFW area hands down. All of their Po-Boys are great-try the "Special" and the "Italian Special". We are actually getting catering there for our Super Bowl Party-GEAUX SAINTS :)

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              Dat The Saints !!!! GO SAINTS !!!!

          1. Yep, have to agree with everybody else here. Big Easy in Plano. (I wonder if they realize how popular they are on this board?)

            GO SAINTS!