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Feb 6, 2010 05:14 AM

Anywhere for good tacos in Paris?

I will accept Americanized tacos with ground beef. I'm on the left bank, but open to heading wherever.

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  1. Well, they have Old El Paso in my Monoprix now.

    1. Ha! Good luck, but you won't find anything.

      Get imported masa harina (search the board for suppliers), make your own tortillas, and be thankful that French pork is good quality, and make your own carnitas. Or carne asada or fried fish, or whatever you want. But no, good tacos are all about grilled fresh tortillas and a high quality meat preparation. You won't find the former, point à la ligne, but it's pretty easy to cook up your own for the latter.

      1. I have enjoyed margaritas and chips at La Perla, metro St. Paul. The tacos that passed by looked edible; but 10 euros for that?