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Feb 6, 2010 03:28 AM


We will be staying a week in Monmartre in mid-May and would like restaurant recommendations near by. Our flat will be near Abbesse. We tend to like moderately priced restaurants (35 euros per person but will go higher) with interesting, authentic food. All ethnicities are wecome. Food takes priority over atmosphere.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. First, check out the posts just down the page; to those names you might want to add in Miroir and Cheri Bibi. The area has a number of ethnic bistrots (Hungarian, Viet and several Japanese), none that we have tried.

    1. Chamarre Monmartre 52 rue Lamarck.. my husband and I loved it when we were there in September. A beautiful room, lovely,friendly service and excellent food. perhaps a little over your price range, but excellent for a small splurge

      1. Since I live here (the Mont) and have a tradition of eating out nighyts before I take off elsewhere, I've tested a lot of places in 25 years; my list would be:
        La Table d'Eugene
        2 PC (Pieces Cuisine)
        My reactions to other places are all too open at
        For simple reasons (the Mother of all storms in DC) I'll be trying two new places tonite and tmrw nite and will report back but I have low expectations. The Mont is not where "it's happening" - the Rue Paul Bert, the 17th and the rue Bailleul in the 1st - ahhhh.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          I'd add:
          - Pétrelle
          - Carte Blanche (both in the 9th but easy walking from.)
          - Le Café Qui Parle on rue Caulaincourt.
          I have not had luck at Miroir nor at Cul du poule, which others like.

          The Abbesses area has excellent markets, including the regular market on rue Lepic and the rue des Martyr market just down the hill, and the Friday afternoon market on place d'Anvers. Must not miss the Chavignol cheese from My Cheese Guy (gentleman on northern end, in wheelchair) and weird veg from Weird Vegetable Lady (lady who looks like, and is, biker chick, selling WV).

          1. re: Parigi

            Thank you so much for your replies. This gives me a good starting point. Of course, we will not isolate ourselves in Montmartre. It is wonderful to get the "heads up" when you are too tired to venture far from home. Merci!

            1. re: forgap

              And I might add Le Winch. John, I'm not sure what you think of it now, but we had a truly wonderful meal here over the Christmas week...the fish was as fresh as I've ever had. Reasonable too, and they took us without a res even though they looked really full.
              I also like Le Café Qui Parle.
              For the neighborhood, add to the list above the tarts at Les Petits Mitron in rue Lepic.

              1. re: sistereurope

                I have enjoyed la Mascotte on several occasions:
                It's at 52, rue des Abesses. The 37€ menu is a great deal, but an awful lot for one person. Last time I went, we ordered one Menu and one plat for two people, and they did not give us the usual Parisian sneer for sharing.

                It was also the first place I had Gillardeau oysters, although May is pushing the oyster season.

                1. re: sistereurope

                  I've had such mixed experiences at the Winch I've stopped going and at my one meal at the Cafe Qui Parle I loved it, Colette was disappointed.