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Feb 6, 2010 03:24 AM

Chinese New Year special meals/celebrations in Tampa Bay?

Does anyone know of any special meals/etc happening in Tampa Bay for Chinese New Year? I tried calling T.C. Choy's, but there was no answer.

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  1. when is chinese new year? that sounds awesome.

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      Chinese New Year starts next Sunday--February 14th. (Nothing says eternal love like dumplings and dragon dances.:-)

    2. I'm not sure, but the only thing I can think of are the various Chinese restaurants such as China Yuan and Yummy House (I'm just assuming that they'll have something special, I don't know for sure). Oceanic Oriental Supermarket close to downtown Tampa have some Chinese New Year items for sale since I went several days ago.

      Several Chinese-American groups are doing a Chinese New Year celebration at the Pasco Schools Center for the Arts at Wesley Chapel, 30651 Wells Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.

      Admissions start at 1:15PM with the program starting at 2PM. It ends at 5:30PM and the fee for an adult non-member is $15. I don't know if they'll have food though...