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Feb 5, 2010 10:58 PM

Does anyone know where you might find Poutine in Georgia?

I am in Athens, but willing to travel if anyone knows where you might find this Canadian dish of fries, beef gravy and cheese curds.

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  1. I'd do one of 2 things 1) get a recipe and make it myself 2) change my mind and go get some Q.

    1. If you're willing to travel, I'm sure you could find some in Canada. :-)

        1. re: srudnicki1

          That was just a special, and it wasn't very authentic. Kozmo gasto pub in Alpharetta has a good version.

          1. re: eatitatlanta

            Also, now Hobnob at corner of Monroe/Piedmont offers poutine. Haven't tried it yet though.

        2. I finally found a place in North Carolina, Backyard Bistro in Raleigh. A little bit far from Georgia, but certainly not as distant as Canada. This restaurant is located directly across the street from the RBC Centre, where the hockey team Carolina Hurricanes play so it is likely authentic for the players, and fans alike :)

          1. Here ya go. 50 miles or 72 miles. Take your pick.

            72 miles is better than 1,000.

            Paizanno's @ 7 Jones St # A, Norcross, GA 770 - 300 - 0250.

            Hob Knob @ 1551 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 404 - 968 - 2288.