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Out of Town foodie on a SERIOUS budget

Hi! I'm heading to Philly for the first time for a business trip. I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible for my means (out mostly lunch and dinner). Right now I have no clue as to where I'll be either. So what are the must eat places that I can do for around $10ish?


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  1. Banana Leaf in Chinatown (on Arch St between 10th and 11th). Huge portions, and many delicious dishes for $6-10. I'd recommend almost anything there.

    1. lunch in the Reading Terminal Market! and check this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/591070

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        Sang Kee Duck House (in Chinatown) for a noodle soup. Vietnam (again in Chinatown) or Vietnam Cafe (in W. Philly) for a noodle dish or their Lemongrass soup (it's spicy).

        Taquerias in Bella Vista/S. Philly. My fave is Taqueria Veracruzana.

        Falafal sandwich at Alyan (South St. in Old Phila.)

      2. Go down to Washington Ave. between 12th and 9th. Pick any Vietnamese Pho shop, or Banh mi house. Enjoy ;)

        1. For lunch, Mama's Falafel if you are nearby. $6 for a huge sandwich.

          $8-10 will also buy you a nice big hoagie from Primo's or Sarcone's.

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            Seconded, Sarcone's sandwiches are a must eat

          2. Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden. Wonderful Venezuelan food.

            1. See Cheap Eats and Comfort Food below. Last post on that thread was 2/5/10.

              1. Paesano's at 9th & Christian for a menu of the best sandwiches you'll ever find under one roof.

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                  Anything at Reading Terminal is especially cheap and usually quite good. Argan also has really good sanwiches that are cheap. Paesano's is also very good and tehre are a lot of inexpensive places in Chinatown.

                2. as long as you like asian food and sandwiches you will be fine. there are several sections of the city that have strong asian influences and a big bowl of pho will fill you up for cheap. my favorite is at nam phuong, though i haven't had a bad bowl of pho in philly. and if you have some flexibility, go to the asian joints in south philly over chinatown - for example: a smallish bowl of pho is $5.95 at vietnam restaurant, a larger bowl is $4.50 at nam phuong.

                  anywhere in reading terminal would be great for lunch. i am a huge fan of the chicken wings made by the amish in the northwest corner of the market (more on the north side than in the corner, but you'll find it) and salumeria hoagies. the basic 4 veggie bar makes some good things too, though not everyone loves them. delilah's is expensive, but the middle eastern place across from her is a great bet.

                  and i see that others have suggested our taquerias and that is definitely a good idea too. and sarcone's and paesano's will hopefully knock your socks off....

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                    You may also want to try the BBQ sandwich at Bebe's in the Italian Market. Fortunately, Philly has a lot of great sandwich options that are cheap and delicious!