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Feb 5, 2010 07:40 PM

Looking for Oysters Rockefeller in Austin

I'm looking for a restaurant that serves Oysters Rockefeller and/or fresh steamed clams. Any suggestions?

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  1. Pappadeaux's actuallly does pretty good ones. They also have a trio of rockefeller, st. philip and baton rouge. I know it's a chain, but they are really tasty. St. Philip's are my favorite with bacon, shrimp & cheese

    1. We have really enjoyed the Oysters Rockefeller at Gumbos, Downtown location several times. It's been over a year though...

      1. My favorite are the ones for happy hour at Eddie V's. You have to ask for hollindaise, but otherwise they are six very large oysters with a perfect blend of flavors and textures. My second favorite are the ones (also on happy hour) at Gumbo's. My only reservation there are that they are very inconsistant, with sometimes waaay too much pernot.

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          eddie v's HH menu is a great bargain, and i had no idea those were on there.
          i usually share a dozen raw oysters (or so!) and get the ahi tower thingie.
          will definitely have to ask about those.

        2. I like the ones at Trulucks, usually. I've had them once there that were horrid, but usually good. They use spinach, although I've read the original Anoine's recipe doesn't use spinach, and I don't make them with spinach, most Austin places do. I believe Sullivan's does them also.

          1. They're not called Oysters Rockefeller at Vespaio-they are called Ostriche al Forno con Spinici e Crema al Pernod, but they take it to a new level!