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Feb 5, 2010 07:34 PM

Damascus knives

Is there anywhere that sells Damascus knives in Montreal? I would like to hold one, try it out, before purchasing one.

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  1. i'm not exactly sure if they do have it, but the only kitchen supply store i know that may have it is la soupiere on st catherine's near the concordia building.

    1. what is this type of knife used for?

      1. There are really no Damascus knives but there are knives made with this technique. You could try L'Emouleur (there are some Japanese knives made using this technique) or more kitchen stores like Ares will have some variant.

        1. Like wattacetti said, Damascus is not a type of knife. It's a method of working with steel that gives it a certain look and added strength. There are as many types of Damascus knives as their are knives. If it's a kitchen knife you're looking for your best bet is probably l'Emouleur. Whether or not you think paying big money for a Damascus kitchen knife is worth it is up to you, but my advice would be to go for high-strength carbon steel or, if you want something low-maintenance, stainless steel.

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            I use to like the look of Damascus but now see it as "bling" and it has lost it's appeal for me. I now like the more austere appearance of a wa-handled Japanese knife. Simple, understated and sharp as hell

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              maybe you can try william henry , but i dont know if they are making mokume or damascus kitchen knives.
              they mostly do folding knives.

              1. re: chocofab

                L'Emouleur on Laurier (west end, near Querbes) definitely has Damascus steel knives. I was in there a couple of days ago and he has quite a few.

                According to what I've read (a fair bit, actually) the Damascus method is purely aesthetic; there is no change in strength or durability. It just looks nice. (And I'm sort of with scubadoo97; it's become so "blingy" that the appeal is diminished for me.)

                1. re: blork

                  Hands down, L'Emouleur is the best place to check out these types of knives AND get straight advice from Guillaume De L’Isle. Great guy to speak with on this subject.

                  1. re: blork

                    The original Damascus method provided additional strength to the eventual blade but its current use is primarily to make it look nice.

              2. Also in the area, but based online, is - I believe you can arrange for local pickup. Very competitive prices and I believe he has a few damascus models in stock (by Mcusta and Sakai Takayuki), depending on what shape you were looking for. I find the damascus adds a bit to the price that I'd rather apply to a superior steel/fit and finished knife. To each their own!