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Apr 19, 2005 11:32 PM

Tacos al Pastor for the Homestruck guy.

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I have to tell you, I lived for more than 10 years in Mexico city and I know a lot about tacos, from the cheapest to the most toxic, so just to tell you that I know my poisons :P

I'm looking for a good place for tacos in California/LA. I live in Santa Ana and I haven't found a place that makes this kind of tacos at the trompo (spin) and the right way. If someone knows Mexico City, my favorite place was La Lupita Ayuuk, the best place for Tacos al Pastor... IMHO.

So, I expect your answers. Thanks in advance.


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    Professor Salt

    Can you describe the style you're looking for? Because I've never been to your favorite DF place, I don't have any useful information with which to guide you.

    Are you looking for the style that's served sliced to order off the spit while it's charred and crunchy, or the type that's been spit roasted, then soaked in sauce? Or are you looking for the stuff that's called al pastor, but in fact has been stewed instead of spit roasted?

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      I have a photo of the trompo here:

      The main idea is that you put several pork steaks previously marinated and on the top of it, there is a piece of pinapple and onion (for that special taste). On one side there is the fire, making the meat juicy and crunchy. They cut the meat straight from the trompo and (in a very artistic way) they cut a piece of pineapple from the top and catch it with the taco. You add sliced onion and cilantro, plus your favorite salsa.

      Any help would be gratly appreciated.

      1. re: X-Iliado
        Professor Salt

        Thanks for the clarification. For this style, my choice is La Taquiza, a block north of the Shrine Auditorium. They also have two other locations I'm aware of, but haven't visited yet. One is in Whitter, and another in South Gate.

        La Taquiza
        3009 S. Figueroa
        Los Angeles

        As far as something in OC, I haven't found one yet that really hits the charry, crunchy, well marinated requirements, let alone have it be sliced fresh to order. There's a litle panaderia in Costa Mesa that does a passable one, but they do the soak-in-sauce after-slicing thing I forget the name, but it's in the same dingy strip mall as El Toro Bravo on 19th Street just west of Pomona.

        If you find one you're happy with, please report back.

        1. re: X-Iliado

          AH!! El Trompo... Memories... memories... to be honest, I haven't found a good place. The ones that have it, don't get charred enough. For that reason, I tend to go for Tacos de Carnitas o Lengua instead of Asada o Al Pastor. Another thing missing here in the U.S. is the tortilla... I SO miss the tiny little yellow thin tortillas of Mexico, I have no idea why they don't make them that way here... :/

          The closest place to L.A. that I've had an AMAZING taco al pastor was Tijuana... :/


      2. There are two taco trucks, La Pique and La Estrella, that serve what they call D.F.-style tacos. I've never been to Mexico City, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of these tacos. But they're delicious. Jonathan Gold recently wrote a review of these two taco trucks, as well as a number of other great places along York Blvd. in the Highland Park area of LA.

        Check out the link to the review below, and scroll down for the addresses: corner of York Blvd. and Avenue 53 and corner of York Blvd. and Avenue 54


        1. You might give Tacqueria Vista Hermosa in the Mercado La Paloma (link below) a try. I think they make tacos of the kind you're after.


          1. Never having had pastor in DF, it's kind of hard to really testify for anything here. The aforementioned Gold favorite, El Taurino (but get there after 3 pm and get it from the truck if possible) has made me very happy a few times. A recent favorite of mine is in my 'hood in Highland Park, on the NW corner of Meridian and Figueroa. And I MEAN on the NW corner--it's a few guys that set up a trompo in the front of a mechanic's shop after they close at about 6 pm-midnight Friday and Saturday only. The neighborhood lines up for this stuff, so I'm guessing it's authentic...or if not so, good enough that it doesn't matter.

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            1. re: Anna

              i'll second el taurino. is the truck actually better than inside the restaurant?

              1. re: rameniac

                To clarify, does El Taurino have al pastor on a spit?

                1. re: a_and_w

                  it most definitely does! i think even with the pineapple on top.

                2. re: rameniac

                  No, the truck is not necessarily better than the restaurant ... that's not a knock on either, just that they are equal in my opinion, and I have had carne asada several times from each al pastor a few times from each.

              2. My husband always talks about Tacos de Trompo he used to eat in Mexico........can't find them here ANYWHERE. Do you know of a place in L.A. or ORange Co. that I can get him some?