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Feb 5, 2010 06:11 PM

Anyone know where to buy Kennebec potatoes in LA?

They're tricky to find at retail but they make good french fries. Any thoughts?

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  1. You might call The Pig in Eaglerock and find out who their distributor is.

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    1. re: orythedog Located in the city of industry should have them. Fresh Point is a specialty produce company bought out by Sysco, but still run mostly separately .

      I don't know if that helps so much if you don't have a resellers licence...

    2. Try In and Out Hamburger... they come pre-fried. ;-)

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      1. re: DrBruin

        Ha! (on In-N-Out). Or Maybe I should go there and order french fries...really undercooked...actually RAW please?

        Seriously, when I make the fries they come out better than In-N-Out because I go through the proper twice frying steps which they skip...not that In-N-Out Fries aren't quite tasty.

        I actually know where to buy them in wholesale quantities (Restaurant Depot) but it's just so hard to use a 50 lb sack of potatoes!

          1. re: AAQjr

            Indeed...Unfortunately even after "tourning" 50 lbs of potatoes, mine would look more like lava chunks than the requisite footballs....!

      2. LA produce market in downtown LA, its where all the food trucks and restaurants pick up produce, if you not a reseller you have to go between midnight and 8 am

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