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Feb 5, 2010 05:57 PM

What's your best yard sale or thrift store cookware find?

Vintage 1960s aluminum cake carrier with handle and the clever little latch on the bottom at the local thrift: $1.99. I LOVE this thing!

What's yours?

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  1. A 1930's or so potato ricer in flaking orange enamel. Use it at least once a week. The inside is not enameled so I'm not worried about eating metal/glass bits. 2'nd fave is a "bean-x" french bean slicer aka. guillotine. They were each less than 3 bucks! adam

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      Years ago at a thrift store in the Maryland suburbs of DC I found three pieces of Le Creuset, unglazed cast iron. I got two French ovens, two quart and five quart, and a gratin pan. All in perfect condition, not a speck of rust or any sign of use. I've never seen unglazed Le Creuset anywhere else. The three pieces totaled about $10. I still use them just about every week if not every day.

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        Two come to mind: a brand-new, never used Cuisinart hand blender, in box, for $4, at the Goodwill (back in the days when shopping there was fun, before they put all the good stuff online in auctions. @@) And at a thrift store, I found two flame Le Creuset dutch ovens--a 4 qt and a 2 qt. The larger was burnt out some inside; never have been able to restore the finish, but it's still useful for things that aren't like to stick. But the smaller was pristine. I think I got them both for $8.

        The one that got away? One day, as I walked in the door of my local Goodwill, I could see ALL the way across the store, on the top shelf, a Vitamix blender!! Literally as I ran back, I saw someone stop their cart and grab it. SCREAM! The clerk told me it had sat there for five entire days, before the two of us walked in....

      2. Recently found a little Krups espresso maker at a thrift store for $5. Appears to have been used only a few times. Works great and fits the tiny available bit of counter top real estate perfectly!

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          If you're in L.A... it might have been mine ; )

          I got it as a gift and never used it.

        2. Not cookware, but barware. Leather travel bar, very late 60s/early 70s, with a locking key and a very dated (and oh-so-fun) recipe booklet for Southern Comfort. One dollar. Always a hit at the annual overnight work retreat.

          1. Sabatier 8" chef's knife $1.00 at a yard sale. It was in with a lot of garbage knives; and has been my main knife since I got it years ago. It was old when I bought it.

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            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              I bought a new Sabatier 10" chef's, carbon steel, on Canal St., N.Y.C., quite a few years ago, for $10. At my worst, as a student, I pounded it through frozen roasts with a mallet. It survived and is still doing a fine job.

              Once I found a Cuisinart DLC-7 in a Sally Ann store for $10. Another good buy.

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                  Salvation Army charity shop.

                  "She's wearing rags and feathers,
                  from Salvation Army counters"...

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                    Thank you for the Leonard Cohen reference. I don't think I've ever heard an American refer to the Salvation Army as the Sally Ann - which is common Canadian usage. They don't seem to be quite as prominent on the scene here as in Canada.

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                Once entering an estate sale house I started in the basement and, opening a closet full of restaurant tablecloths, I said to myself, Aha, they had a restaurant so let's go see what's in the kitchen. Where a sign announced that anything in the kitchen drawers was $1. So I went through the drawers and took the three Henckel knives.

              2. Two Donvier ice cream makers, crank-style. At different times. Two different sizes. One for fifty cents, and the other for $2. Love them during the summer, for kids' slushy ice cream treats.