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Feb 5, 2010 05:55 PM

Swiss meringue and Italian buttercream for cakes/cupcakes

I'm going to give one of these a try these weekend, just purchased a candy thermometer (wish me luck).

I've googled for this answer but couldn't come up with the exact info I'm looking for.

I know the buttercreams can be refrigerated or frozen, but if I'm making them for cupcakes and bringing them to work the next day, do I keep them at room temperature, or in the fridge?

Hoping someone knows the answer.


(I've tried the regular buttercream and finding it too sweet and grainy. If I lessen the icing sugar, it doesn't give the right consistency for making swirls, if I beat the mixture more, it becomes too thin)

Here are some pictures at my very 1st attempt at decorating cupcakes (I need more practice)

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  1. You can either put it in the fridge or leave it out room temp.. I find if you leave it out for too long then it looses its shape a little but not much. If you have it in the fridge, just make sure to bring it back to room temp before serving or it will taste like cold butter. For myself, I left it out.

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      Thanks, lost track of this post. I left it out for 2 days and it was fine, but mind you, it was not summer time.

      I also froze it for one month, thawed it at room temperature for 3 hours, whipped it back into shape and it was delicious!

    2. Your icing technique actually looks quite, quite good for the first attempt.

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        I was thinking the same thing--nice and consistent.

      2. My rule when using SMBC is I store my decorated cakes and cupcakes in the fridge overnight, but take them out a few hours before they are to be eaten, so the icing comes to room temperature again. I tell everyone they can leave their cake out during the party, but refrigerate it when they are done eating it.
        Can anyone answer this question for me though? I freeze any left over Swiss Meringue Buttercream to use again later. Sometimes I want to reuse it, I let it thaw, mix it up again, and then find I didn't need it afterall. Can it be refrozen a second time? I've been throwing it away since I am not sure, but it ends up being such a waste if I didn't need it. I sure would appreciate any advice.

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          Did you thaw it in the frig or at room temp? I would have no problem refreezing it, as long as it wasn't sitting out for a few days.

          You may know this, but as long as it's well wrapped, it can keep in the freezer for a few months.