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Feb 5, 2010 05:46 PM

Trendy Restaurants for 2 fashionistas to people watch and munch - HELP!

Can anyone suggest some trendy/up and coming restaurants in Paris for me to grab a delish bite to eat while I people watch and absorb the wonderful fashionable Paree! Needs to be trendy and a hotspot! I need to be inspired! Please, any help is much appreciated!

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  1. Brasserie Thoumieux (on rue St-Domique) ; it's part of the Costes empire, so you can have you share of "fashionista"

    BTW, even if I'm not really a "fashionista", I really liked the place; I went there for lunch, and it was nice, probably at dinner time it's more "upscale".



    1. I see you posted this on three boards (London, Paris and Antwerp). Inspired by the fashion or the food? If fashion what sort: street, mainstream, eurotrash or or haute?

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        All good questions. Depending on the answers, Le Fumoir, Café de l'Industrie, doudingue, Café Burq could all be options.
        And "trendy" has become sort of tricky in this town. If you're in, you're out.

      2. I like's recommendations for trendy Paris restos. Also, try Haven't been yet but Mama Shelter is a hot spot, even saw it advertised in a trendy hotel I was staying at in South Beach Miami.

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          1. Trendy, fashionable, hot? Hummm, why go Costes when you can go in style to places like KGB, MBC and DB (notice a trend, initials, isn't that the textmessaging message/era?)
            I (and my faithful companion the PPP) ate at two places Fig and Pud think are that yesterday and today and so what?

            John Talbott, neither trendy, fashionable nor hot unless the space heater is on,

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            1. re: John Talbott

              Except for KGB, JT, you sooo lose me. You must be very hip.
              If there are more initials, I will need a glossary. In fact I need a glossary.
              KGB is, as the French say, très fashion, plus good eats.
              For a while the trendy thing is to use the street number as the restaurant name, 28, 13, 55. I began to wonder if one day I'd see a whole street of shops called, 1, 3, 5, etc.

              1. re: Parigi

                Indeed, Le 122 is fab as is Table 28 but is not faconable.
                MBC is Gilles Choukroun's (ex-Cafe des Delices, ex-Angl'Opera, ex-Cafe Very, ex-Mini-Palais, ex-oh you know) new place in the 17th - MBC standing for mint, basil and coriander rather than mango, basil and coriander as it was elsewhere.
                DB is what Dominique Bouchet has on his cards/website/etc
                And I am very, very hip, just ask my grandchildren, whoops, don't.