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Feb 5, 2010 05:38 PM

Trendy Restaurants for 2 fashionistas to people watch and munch - HELP! [London]

Can anyone suggest some trendy/up and coming restaurants in London for me to grab a delish bite to eat while I people watch and absorb the wonderful fashionable London town! Needs to be trendy and a hotspot! I need to be inspired! Please, any help is much appreciated!

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    1. I think Galvin La Chapelle has special balcony seats overlooking everyone if you're willing to pay. It's in a really nice setting too from the looks of it. Couldn't comment on the type of clientele having never been, but it seems kinda trendy.

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      1. re: chief1284

        Actually cancel that.I looked it up and that table is only for 9-12 people. Still might be a good shout for a restaurant nevertheless.

        Otherwise I also thought it kinda depends on what you mean by fashionable! If you mean avant-garde, super skinny jeans and wacky hairstyles, perhaps somewhere in Shoreditch. If you mean Gucci and Prada fashionable, probably Knightsbridge or Chelsea. Can't think of the best restaurants off the top of my head, but what about Kitchen W8 in Knightsbridge?

      2. Mr GG's mate, who likes all things flash and trendy, always goes to Hakkasan when he's in London. If you want edgy-trendy, head to Hoxton and Shoreditch, as already suggested.

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          Zuma, Roka, Yauatcha and the newly opened Hix would also fit the bill for West End trendiness.

          1. re: helen b

            Mint Leaf, Haymarket.

            Mango Tree, Belgravia

            Sake No hana.

          1. Definitely Pizza East in Shoreditch - I know... doesn't sound trendy but believe me it doesn't get any trendier. (and the food is amazing)

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            1. re: cjlands

              sorry - the food is NOT amazing at Pizza East. It's style over substance in that place - nice space but the pizzas are overpriced and average at best.

              1. re: pj26

                The fashionista foodies are all at Franco Manca. ;-)

                  1. re: t_g

                    Yes - would second that. Had a great lunch there last week.

                    1. re: pj26

                      I'd third Bistrotheque. Mario Testino was in there when I was there and LOTS of authentic fashionistas - not just rich people in designer gear which you'd get in Kensington & Chelsea