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Trendy Restaurants for 2 fashionistas to people watch and munch - HELP! [London]

Can anyone suggest some trendy/up and coming restaurants in London for me to grab a delish bite to eat while I people watch and absorb the wonderful fashionable London town! Needs to be trendy and a hotspot! I need to be inspired! Please, any help is much appreciated!

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    1. I think Galvin La Chapelle has special balcony seats overlooking everyone if you're willing to pay. It's in a really nice setting too from the looks of it. Couldn't comment on the type of clientele having never been, but it seems kinda trendy.

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        Actually cancel that.I looked it up and that table is only for 9-12 people. Still might be a good shout for a restaurant nevertheless.

        Otherwise I also thought it kinda depends on what you mean by fashionable! If you mean avant-garde, super skinny jeans and wacky hairstyles, perhaps somewhere in Shoreditch. If you mean Gucci and Prada fashionable, probably Knightsbridge or Chelsea. Can't think of the best restaurants off the top of my head, but what about Kitchen W8 in Knightsbridge?

      2. Mr GG's mate, who likes all things flash and trendy, always goes to Hakkasan when he's in London. If you want edgy-trendy, head to Hoxton and Shoreditch, as already suggested.

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          Zuma, Roka, Yauatcha and the newly opened Hix would also fit the bill for West End trendiness.

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            Mint Leaf, Haymarket.

            Mango Tree, Belgravia

            Sake No hana.

          1. Definitely Pizza East in Shoreditch - I know... doesn't sound trendy but believe me it doesn't get any trendier. (and the food is amazing)

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              sorry - the food is NOT amazing at Pizza East. It's style over substance in that place - nice space but the pizzas are overpriced and average at best.

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                The fashionista foodies are all at Franco Manca. ;-)

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                    Yes - would second that. Had a great lunch there last week.

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                      I'd third Bistrotheque. Mario Testino was in there when I was there and LOTS of authentic fashionistas - not just rich people in designer gear which you'd get in Kensington & Chelsea

            2. My day job comes in handy on chowhound!. I'm a fashion designer in between reading chowhound postings. My taste in fashion and food is more on the Labour and Wait/Japanese real indigo selvage denim/stoke newington farmers market/ earnest and obscure sourcing end of the spectrum rather than Cavalli/Sketch end of things. So where I go and, nearly, consider it tax deductible people watching research are:
              -Cafe Oto- they have a new chef and I had a lovely cold pumpkin soup for lunch there recently
              -Broadway Market on a Saturday, Cat and Mutton pub, the western part of London Fields when it is warm.
              -Leilas on Arnold Circus- also try Rochelle Canteen around the corner. Many designers have studios in that complex.
              -Vietnamese places on Kingsland Road and Mare Street. This is where me and my fashion designer friends go to catch up. Tay Do on west side of Kingsland is good because it is cheap and you will see amazing street style there. Particularly on Thursday evenings because people go out after getting drunk at private views.
              -Get take away chips at the fish and chips place near The Haggerston and take them to the Haggerston and wait and watch.

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                Oh my god I think that's the funniest post on chowhound ever. Ever.

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                  Will 4th Bistrotheque. Relizabeth is spot on however if you want properly cool stuff rather than hedge fund W1 cool. Rochelle Canteen is very good.

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                    I've never been to Bistrotheque aside from for bloody marys (top drawer!) BUT I do frequent 1st Thursdays on Vyner Street where the galleries open up for the 1st Thursday evening of every month. I'm not sure how much crazier it is for food those evenings, but it would be a very pleasant killing of 2 birds with one stone.

                    Also. Evin Cafe on Kingsland Road which is just south of Dalston Superstore might be another place. Food is good- particularly the menemen- and you can watch smokers in front of Superstore. I have never had Superstore's food and suspect their kitchen shuts by the time the 'party' starts. It is not my personal cup of tea.

                    You should also note regarding all of these places, I dress like a schlumph-a-lumph and always have giant bags of 6 cowhides, 388 elbow patches, etc with me and am within the realm of visual acceptability.

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                      yeah no hate dude, all your recs are solid, and if chowhound was an item of clothing it would be much more likely to be some broken in pair of okinawa denims than some eurotrash cavalli bullshit, I don't doubt it, but this whole thread is full of unintentional hilarity.
                      If I wanted to hang out watching dull rich people picking at their food, I'd stick to mayfair, maybe Automat which is generally quite fashiony, or Wild Honey which still gets a lot of action from Conde Nast apparently, and knocks together a decent plate of food. Also I hear there's a cafe in DSM these days which could be worth checking out. If I wanted to seek the company of hipsters, then yes, Bistroteque is perhaps a choice destination, though I think the food is pretty poor for what it is, maybe good for brunch but I wouldn't want to sit through another dinner here, and would suggest Bread & Wine as a superior alternative with a similar vibe.

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                        Doesn't DKNY in Bond St have a café? I'm sure you'd find some skinny fashionistas sharing a salad there. Also try Harvey Nicks and Selfridges.

              2. What about the Wolseley ? Open from breakfast. Very near Bond Street so undoubtedly would have rag trade people. It's fashionable and good for celeb spotting too.