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Feb 5, 2010 04:16 PM

Romantic Dinner for Two Saturday Evening In Or Near SFV

Here we go again. My "adopted" granddaughter is having dinner tomorrow night (Saturday) with the still "love-of-her-life". Quiet and Romantic, any ethnicity, bar and preferably under $100.00. Need someone who's young enough to remember what "romantic" is. I'm 84 so I've forgotten. She asked me because every restaurant I've taken her, her sister, and their mother to for the past two years has been fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. (She doesn't know that every recommendation has come from Chowhound. ) Thanks....Jeff

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  1. I haven't been personally, but the Saddle Peak Lodge gets good press, as far as food, and atmosphere.

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    1. re: Phurstluv

      Thank you, Phurstluv.....Funny, I haven't even thought about the Saddle Peak Lodge for at least 20 or so years. I forgot it even existed. Of course, I'll check it out. Again, Much Thanks.....Jeff

      1. re: jwrites4u

        You are very welcome, and quite a nice adoptive grandpa....wish I had one!!

    2. I'm still thinking about the recommendation. I just have to say this is the sweetest post I have ever seen on this Board. Jeff, you are obviously one of the good guys. I'll bet you remember Scandia when it was the most romantic restaurant in town. O.K. just to make sure I don't have my post eliminated for being off-topic, I am going to voice an opinion. The Drago Brothers have a lot of restaurants. However, a little hidden gem and pretty much under the radar is Piccolo Paradiso on South Beverly Drive. Comfy booths, full bar, generous portions so no need to order appetizers. Pasta, especially gnocchi are heavenly. Not noisy, comfy banquettes, delicious pasta + someone you love. Sounds like a good recipe.

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      1. re: maudies5

        What do I say, Maudies? You've made my century! I will definitely check out Piccolo Paradiso, and forward it to Vivi. As far as the rest of your comment is concerned, I have absolutely no doubt that it will warm me during these cold night. Thanks. Jeff

        1. re: jwrites4u

          Thank you so much. Your post really did touch my heart. When folks on this Forum discuss all types of exotic food, I do recall with such pleasure those delicious meals at Scandia. R.I.P. Kenneth Hansen. He was the one most responsible for educating more than one generation to appreciate fine food and, & indeed, California wine. (There is some great history about Ken Hansen and California/French wine). Mr. Hansen was not a celebrity chef. I am trying to think of someone who might come close to Mr. Hansen's paradigm. The only one who comes to mind is Suzanne Goin, with her emphasis on brilliantly fresh ingredients, marvelous flavors and a complete lack of trendiness or pretension. I never saw Kenneth Hansen work the tables. Why aren't there any wonderful Danish restaurants ?

          1. re: maudies5

            Most likely because there aren'y any more like you and I who miss them. We also went to every Scandinavian Buffet in Los Angeles. And as for "romantic" those of today never learned what true romanticism was.

          2. re: jwrites4u

            i love Piccolo Paradiso. their artichoke heart appetizer is lovely, as is their tuna tartare :-) other items popular with those i frequent the place with include the spinach, roasted beet, and goat cheese salad; the pasta with eggplant, and the Friday special of baked pasta wrapped in eggplant. service is always great.

          3. re: maudies5

            And yes....I DO remember Scandia. My wife and I enjoyed many Mothers' Day Brunches over the years. Thanks again, Jeff

            1. re: jwrites4u

              I agree with the previous posters - lots of us want to adopt you. As long as you are going into the "city" and as far as Beverly Dr, you should check out Il Cielo, long regarded as THE romantic restaurant in the city. Many a marriage proposal has been made there.

              Il Cielo

              9018 Burton Way
              Beverly Hills, CA 90211
              (310) 276-9990

              1. re: Bria Silbert

                Il Cielo is good and very romantic on the patio.

                1. re: Phurstluv

                  Il Cielo is romantic, but unless they're planning on just ordering entrees, no appetizers, no wine, I think they'll be hard-pressed to escape for under 100 bucks. Alas, this dinner was scheduled for last night, so my comments are likely irrelevant.

                  Jeff, where did they end up going? Did the romance fly?

                  1. re: Emme

                    Hi, Emme.....He made dinner at his house, so I guess they each brought their own romance with them. I'm concerned about this relatioinship, and since she looks to me for every thought, I'm trying to remain objective. Thanks for your help and interest, Emme

                2. re: Bria Silbert

                  Hi, Bria. Sorry ro be so late with a rsponse to you, but I didn't chack Chowhound until just now. Why the hell would anybody want to adopt an 84 year old fogie? BTW, your name is very special to me. My wife's name was Bryna. We were married 51 years, 7 months, and five days, Jeff